Playlist Tiles and background image

I understand how to make the rules and tiles for playlists and work well on my dashboard. I need help with how to get the tile to have an image on it similar to what is shown in the how-to link above. A good example of what I am looking for is the Guns & Roses tile. Cheers.

What type of device are you using (Sonos, Echo Speaks) and on which platform (Hubitat or SmartThings)?

The Guns N’ Roses tile shown is using the Album Art tile. You can tap the section called ‘Add Music Player and Album Art Tiles to the dashboard’ for instructions:

Hubitat and Sonos Josh.

If you’re looking to display album art, then the steps linked above should get you going. The short version is to add the Sonos device to your dashboard and then tap the ... in the top-right corner of the tile → Change Layout → Album Art Tile, then save the dashboard.

Then when you are playing music directly on the device, the album art should be displayed in your new Album Art Tile.

Josh, that I understand and have set up on my dashboard. My question is if I set up a tile that is connected to a playlist rule I would like the tile to have an image on it like the BBC tile or an image for that playlist to identify the playlist (Like you have in your how-to guide). The image needs to be static for the playlist tile, I have a what’s playing now “Album Art Tile” set up already, and that works fine. Cheers.

Thanks for the clarification and apologies for my misunderstanding the request.

James created SharpTools Rules to queue up his desired playlists. Originally, he just added the rule directly to his dashboard using a Rule Tile. He later updated the How To with instructions on how to use a Media Tile (image) to run the Rule.

Details are in the originally linked post: