Controlling Sonos

I have my Sonos added to SmartThings and bought it over to SharpTools. I can have a simple tile that controls play and volume. However, how do I perform the following tasks, as I see it done on YouTube

  1. Show the album art
  2. Some type of playlist or source selection
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Hi @Dominic_Chan,
Welcome to the community! :grinning: I just replied your ticket for the same questions, and here is the quick summary.

Edit the dashboard, tap “…” at top-right corner of the Sonos tile, and change the layout to “Album Art Tile” to show the album art. And you can add the same Sonos device to the dashboard to use one as the album art and the other as the music player control.

You can find the details of how to create rules to play different presets on your Sonos device in the “Create rules to change the music/station/playlist” section from the post below, and then add the rule as Rule Tile to the dashboard so you can tap to execute the rule.

And here are the steps how to create and find the Sonos presets:

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