Homey Pro Integration Released!

We’re excited to announce the public release of our Homey Pro integration!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Homey, be sure to check out the link above as their website does a great job showing off some of the neat features they have… but the short version is that Homey is an impressive smart home hub which grew to massive popularity in Europe and has recently expanded worldwide. They’ve got a polished look and feel about their products and we’re excited to be working with them!

If you tap the Homey option from the Manage Connections button on your SharpTools User Page, you’ll be shown instructions on how to connect your Homey.

:information_source: A Homey Pro is required to use this integration. It is not compatible with Homey Cloud / Bridge.

For more detailed step-by-step instructions, check out the Homey integration help article:

Other Requests / Workarounds

There were two popular feature requests which aren’t available directly to Homey Apps, but the community recommends the following workarounds:

  • Homey Logic Variable values can be mapped to a virtual device using Homey Flows
  • Homey Flows can be started using a Virtual Button
    • You can create a Virtual Button by enabling the Virtual Devices from the Homey mobile app → Settings → Experiments.
    • Once enable, you can create a new Virtual Button from the Devices tab of the Homey mobile app. In the add device screen, tap the Homey logo, then select Virtual Button. You can use virtual buttons as triggers in your Homey Flows

I’ve been checking out the Homey Pro because of your new connection. Have you tried it out? It looks like it might make a great replacement for SmartThings… And since there is already SharpTools connection I can use it with Tasker as well. Really something to think about. It isn’t cheap, but it might be worth it as my SmartThings hub isn’t getting any younger.

Yes, I have a 2019 and 2023 Homey Pro that were used to build the integration.

Around 200-300 Homey users beta tested the integration, so hopefully one of them will chime in here. It’s a really polished piece of hardware and a great UI. I love that it runs local, has a great interface (web and mobile), a fancy rule builder, and of course that it runs with SharpTools! :wink:

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I’m in the process of changing from SmartThings/actiontiles to homey/sharptools. Before I found sharptools I was happy with homey except one thing. There wasn’t any good dashboards. Right now I have the same functionality as with SmartThings, but it seems to be more possibilities with this combo.
Homey brings fast response time and very good compatibility with devices, and sharptools seems to be a step up from actiontiles.

I really like how tiles are very customisable. The only “issue” I’ve had so far is to somehow being able to start the botvac from the panel and controlling the volume of my NAD C700. I’m confident that this can be resolved as I learn more about how to set things up.

Yeah, local and rule builder are nice. I guess I need to figure out if I can add all my current devices to it. They are all ZigBee ot z-wave except for my WiFi thermostats that connect to SmartThings using the Honeywell link.

Thanks for the info. Do you know if there’s a list of devices that connect? I need to ensure I can move my locks and thermostats (as I indicated to Josh). And now that I write this, I use a third-party app/driver for my locks, but I probably could write rules in Homey Pro to deal with the lock codes. Thanks.

I’m not sure about a list, but I haven’t found anything that doesn’t work so far. You are probably a bit beyond my level if you program you devices yourself. So far my locks has worked right out of the box. Really nice touch that you can set up the lock to unlock only after you confirm so you avoid accidentally unlocking which I’ve done to many times already :laughing:

I’m just getting started but all my requirements have been met so far. I’m sure I will rub into something soon as both the new homey and sharptools are quite new.

Best thing is really that it is so user-friendly. And it needs to be for most people.

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How can I join the Homey beta group?

Hi @Robin_de_Gruijter - welcome to the community and thanks for posting.

There’s no need to join the beta anymore as Homey has been released publicly as noted in the first post of this thread. :slight_smile:

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Hi Josh,

Thx. Im still looking around to find out how things work. I cannot find a tile for instance to show a graph (e.g. 1 day power history), or a gauge showing a value in a from-to range.

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So after a few hours of trying and reading I think I am missing basic stuff that I expected:

  • Graph tile (e.g. last 24 hrs power usage)
  • Gauge tile (e.g. show battery charge 0-100%)
  • Match tile click action to a Homey device action (e.g. charge or stop)

I do think it is great that Homey users now have the option to create Dashboards with SharpTools! So keep up the good work❤️

But as said, the above functions would be basic stuff I do expect from a dashboard. Is this coming soon? Or is it already available and I just cant find it? :grimacing:

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@RichB and @eirik.wold, you can check the Homey App Store to see if your devices are supported by Homey. If this information is not clear, you should additionally check the corresponding thread in the Homey Community Forum (legend at the bottom, Community → Visit forum). There the exact type designations are mostly mentioned.

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Hi @Robin_de_Gruijter, just have a look at the forum thread Show Off Your SharpTools Dashboards.
So there seems to be more possible than you’ve found out so far.

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Hi Krid,

Quickly browsing through all the examples on that link, I dont see any of them showing graphs or gauges. Secondly, I am looking for the integration with Homey specifically. And besides some default actions for lights or thermostats, I still do not see how I can control Homey devices that have custom control capabilities.

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Gauges and Graphs

We don’t natively support Gauges or Graphs at the moment, but there are feature requests available that you can vote on and it can also be accomplished in other ways.

:tada: Update: We put together a few Custom Tiles for Homey based on your feedback including a Gauge tile. The rest of the post remains for posterity.

As for the feature requests, here’s the links if you want to cast a vote:

Google Sheets

You can use the Homey integration with Google Sheets to log the data to Google Sheets and then embed those trends in your dashboards.

I believe this is the approach @Trygve_Hebnes used in their dashboard.

Custom Tiles

You can use Custom Tiles to display gauges and trends using the Homey API.

:tada: Update: We put together a few Custom Tiles for Homey based on your feedback including a Gauge tile.

  • The community has built things like this for Hubitat and SmartThings in the past (Hubitat Gauge, Hubitat Trend, SmartThings Trend).
  • I’ll see if I can put something together for Homey and update this thread (see above). :slight_smile:

Tile Click Actions

Can you share some details about what you are trying to accomplish? If the device uses a custom capability which isn’t natively supported by an existing tile type, you may have to use a SharpTools rule to send your preferred command.

For basic device commands that don’t require any parameters in the command (eg. push()), you can use a Super Tile and directly call those commands. That being said, most custom Homey capabilities will sync over in the format setHomeyString('capability', 'value') so they won’t show up in the Thing Commands for a Super Tile since they require parameters.

That being said, you can still create a SharpTools Rule and then call that from a Super Tile or from a Hyperlink Tile.

The bottom line is there’s a lot of different options – if you can share a specific use-case, I would be happy to provide more guidance on a recommended approach. :slight_smile:


I was hoping for native support that is easily setup like the other native tiles😉


Many homey devices have user selectable actions called a ‘picker’. E.g. my Sessy home storage system has a picker where you can select to start charge, discharge or stop charging. Or for my car to start A/C or defroster. So it is in fact a settable capability in Homey, where the possible settings are from an enum list. Also here I was hoping for a standard tile, where I can select the onClick action from the enum list that Homey api provided, without me needing to get all technical🙏

Thanks for the info. I’ll check it out. I looked in the store the other and found Honeywell, but not my specific thermostats. I don’t recall finding Kwikset Locks, but I’ll look again. I’m thinking maybe there’s just a standard z-wave lock option that might work.

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Hi @Robin_de_Gruijter just an update that we’ve started working on some beta Custom Tiles for Homey in the following thread. Hopefully these will inspire other community developers to build similar interesting projects.

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Nice Homey dashboard example:

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