Native gauges to display measurements in context of their ranges

Having gauges to display ranges / measurement is super helpful for items being measured along a scale, etc. like air quality (my example below)

--these are based on Google graphs from Hubigraph

Thanks Mark! So the idea would be that you could use any numeric Thing attribute in a gauge type tile, right? Probably applicable to SharpTools numeric variables as well.

Then perhaps some settings for adding a min/max and colored ‘ranges’ like shown in the screenshot?

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exactly. in my use I had to flip the g/y/r order since the awair device uses higher numbers for ‘good’ but AQI scale is opposite. As you can see the major ticks don’t line up with the color g/y/r as they want to be equal sections (/5 or /6) while the color ranges are not equal

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This could work for temperature also …!! I have no more votes… =(

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Ha! Yes, the google gauge

Used to have these on the old ThingsSpeak site several years ago before I had a hub to display arduino data. Would be great as you said with SharpTools generating them based on a numerical value with full customizations.