Super Tiles

Super Tiles are a feature – unique to SharpTools dashboards – that enable you to mix and match thing attributes, variables, and icons in a dashboard tile using a drag-and-drop editor.

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Maybe it was discussed somewhere, but I did not find.
So i have a very simple use case which is kind of “covered” Two device in one tile the lock and the door. For the door only want to change closed/open and the icon, but want a full functionality of lock/unlock tile. It looks like i need to recreate the whole state change behavior and rules, rather then just add some new parts. Am I right?

On the similar topic. I think i figured it (a lot of clicking -:)). So I have 4 doors with electronic locks. I thought to reuse this super tile , but it almost like I need to create every time from scratch , any way/thought how to “templatize” it?

For certain device types (Switches, Locks, etc) there’s a Toggle Macro that you can use. So you can add either an icon or text status to the Super Tile and then customize it to use the toggle action if you’d like.

Feel free to create a feature request for Super Tile Templates – I don’t think there’s a request for it yet. Another approach some people take is to use Super Tiles to combine multiple devices into a single large Super Tile to display the status of multiple devices.

Yeah, discovered the Macro, maybe worth mentioning in the tutorial, was not clear to me how to get two actions in one place -:slight_smile:

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I added a small callout for it in the main Super Tiles help article.

Another BTW, why in the Super Title editor fonts are scaled in percentage and not like in Style Editor for regular font where you have this enum from Tiny all the way up?

You can use a percentage in the Theme Style as well. Select the Custom option and it lets you pick a percentage. In fact, after the custom font size field is showing, you can select different font size options in the drop-down to see what value each maps to.

With Themes, the idea was to simplify to a common set of font-sizes for the headers and footers since there’s a limited practical range. We had feedback that some people wanted custom sizes, so we added that option as well. (Keep in mind, the preview tile in the Theme editor is approximate)

Super Tiles are fully interactive as you’re building them and you can see the relative size of items as you’re scaling them. So this provides a wide degree of customizability, keeps the toolbar structure consistent within the Super Tile, and keeps things consistent when resizing across labels, values, and icons within the Super Tile.

I was complaining other way around -:). it will be probably easier to select the font size from combo in the super tile. But I get it.

Been using Macro: Toggle for some time now, and it’s always worked the way I needed it to. However…

In an instance like this, what does it toggle between:


…and can I choose?

The order of preference for the Toggle Macro is as follows. The first one that matches is the action that’s executed.

  1. toggle() command if the device has it
  2. Switch → on()/off() based on state
  3. Lock → lock()/unlock() based on state
  4. Door Control → open()/closed() based on state

If the device has one of the ‘higher’ tier features and you wanted to toggle one of the lower tier features (or if you just wanted more control over the action), you could always create a rule and then use the Rule action instead of the Thing action.

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