Homey Integration Discussion

Thanks to everyone who voted on the Homey Pro/Bridge Integration feature request – we’ve heard your feedback and appreciate the enthusiasm!

:name_badge: You’ve got our attention, but before we can continue we need to get the Homey team on board. You can help by reaching out to the Homey team and letting them know how important this is to the community.

In the meantime, we’ve closed the voting thread and have opened up this thread in case you’d like to continue to discussion.


Would be very great to have this integration. I recently switched from smartthings to homey. If this integration is build you definitely have me as customer back! I already reached out to homey with the request


Thanks! I think that’s the best action at this point.

Out of curiosity, are you on a Homey Pro or the new Homey Bridge?

I’m using a Homey Pro. Integration of devices is very good. The only think that it lacks is a decent dashboard. Also integration or dashboard apps available is very poor. I think both Athom, Sharptools and customers will benefit from a collaboration (win/win)


btw, if this is going to move count me in as your tester :slight_smile:


I think SharpTools dashboard was one of the best part of my smarthome solution based previously on Smartthings. But I changed to Homey because of multiplatform device integration… I think that are many people who want better or the best dashboard, no matter is it a premium payable service… Could SharpTools developer consuder it…?

Was there any progress with this project?
I’m also Homey Pro user and would really like some proper dashboard.

Hi @Peter_Ksinan & @Mariusz_Przysliwski welcome to our community. We have started the initial communication with Homey a while back, and if you are interested in this integration, please reach out the Homey’s team to express your support. See the details in the top post of this thread. Thank you.

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Following your suggestion I contacted Athom to get on board with this integration.