Show Off Your SharpTools Dashboards!

My new Home dashboard, using themes and styles:

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@Stan_Silverman, thanks for sharing. I liked the tile grouping and the color code. :grin:

This really looks awesome!

@Stan_Silverman - how do you get the labels above the groups? (i.e. “Inside Lights”?) That’s cool!

The group labels are Virtual Switches, 1X high. I use 50 px tile size.

The labels are blue if every tile in the group is inactive, and red-ish if any tile in the group is active. Not that useful - mostly I did this just because it’s possible to do!

However the Garage Lights label is different, and actually helpful: a Zooz 4-in-1 sensor in the garage provides luminance - in addition to temperature, motion and humidity. So that label is not only red-ish if a smart-switch-controlled light is on, but if any other light source is on - including non-controlled lights in the garage. A glance at the dashboard at night tells me if any light has been left on. (Of course daylight also triggers it, but not usually at bedtime…)

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So came across Sharp tools and got hooked!! Went out and bought everything to tie in my smartthings system. With the help of @Justin_Newbury @James @josh I was able to create exactly what i wanted!!


Awesome! Looks great!

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I like your satellite image. Would you mind sharing how you did that? I’m in the Toronto area, so I guess a New York area would work for me.

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Hi my friend. I got satellite images from National Meteorological System (México):

But I think you can in some way try to look for your spot region, The images are predefined in the government institution site, I suppose has to be a way where you can get same images but focused n your region, I had found a continental one for example, I wish luck with your looking for …

I meant maybe in the same site you cannot, but has to be a site where this images are getting to the government site …good luck !


Throwing another north east satellite image option here.


To add to what @James mentioned, you can can find some good tips on radar images in the following post:


I like the layout! Does the Nest cam give you a constant live feed or is it static images?

Also, for all of your lights, are those smart switches (if so, what kind?) or smart bulbs? I am in the process of transforming my switches to smart ones.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far. I’m using Fully Kiosk on a Fire Tablet 7. I haven’t decided if I’ll add a dashboard for Ring Doorbells and camera or if I just need to figure out how to have the Ring app pop up over Fully Kiosk if the doorbell rings.


Trent are you using HikVision as well? I’m torn on using native the cameras and NVR functionality through the app or TinyCamPro to recreate the feeds to have them natively in the browser. We’ve added some Wyze as well that would I’d have to get through TinyCam as well but wanted to see what you’ve preferred so far. Also do you just have it launch the HikConnect app over the top and then go back to your browser when done? Setting up all my dashes now.

Hey Jason yes so the only option that I found to work for me was to have the hikvision app (ivms-4500) on a tile on the main dashboard i use when i want to see the cameras i tap it they all open up fast and then when I’m done i just go back to the dashboard. I prefer to see the sharptools dashboard 90% of the time. Hope this helps. I’ll try and get a few pics later and update for you.


I have a blink cam and using an Alexa routine to show the camera on the tablet. You will need to have Alexa enabled on your tablet set up the routine to use a “custom” action to say show “camera name” and select the fire 7 tablet. In fully kiosk you can set an option the have the it displayed for “X”time then it will revert back to your dashboard. I have this working on my fire 10 tablet. But one thing that I’m having an issue with is my fire 7 tablet is running really slow on WIFI. I have a 500Mbps connection and getting 200-300 for download but on the tablet it’s only about 20. Could the tablet have a slow WiFi chip??

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