Accuweather GIF refresh issue

Having trouble with a specific animated gif…

It shows correctly when first added but after the auto refresh the image disappears. I tested with other states, same issue

I tested with other random gifs and they worked fine. I have had similar issues with this gif on other dashboard.

Accuweather doesn’t support the ‘cache buster’ parameter that gets added to the URL if you have the Media item set to auto refresh. Some people work around this by refreshing the whole page periodically, but I’d recommend just finding a different weather source that works with the auto refresh. :slight_smile:

The following thread has links to some good weather image sources:

Weather Image Sources

For example, NOAA has some really cool radar GIFs:

Weather Underground also has some nice GIFS:

For example, the following GIF seems to roughly match the region you linked to:
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Bummer, seems like it used to work, maybe im not remembering correctly. I like the color scheme they have, and no ‘noise’. The GOES ones look nice but they are satellite images and don’t necessarily show rain/ice/snow like the Accuweather. Thanks for the info