Weather Image Sources

Yes, it looks like you grabbed the right URL.

I’ll take a look at the original weather page you link tomorrow and see if it’s a different URL. If so, then they are using a unique ID each day… if not, we can look into why it might not be refreshing. :slight_smile:

Thank you. I just grabbed 2 more sites…

12:01… i will know… added both to Sharptools dashboard… I have my tablet set up and running 100% now. looks great…


Mine updated for the last 2 links I used. Thanks for the help guys

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Port Saint Lucie fl, all I can find is html URLs… can’t find anything about creating widgets on that link you shared.

I’m looking for one now… but dang, you are right - they are mostly HTML!

In the meantime, there are at least regional radar GIFs available from NOAA:

And it looks like this snapshot image from Accuweather could be set to refresh periodically: ![](upload://7R9Mt2ZNS5U8jBsYgkHPxTBc4xh.jpg)

The new Weather Tile shows the current forecast in tile format:

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Not coming up on mobile safari, I’ll try on my PC for full wevbrowser hopefully the links will show images.

Which part isn’t coming up on mobile?

Found it! Making progress on my iPhone still lol Thx

Nice work! Be sure to check out the edit features of each tile. You can adjust the Media Tile positioning and scaling as part of the latest release. (And can change the Thermostat tile layout to a double height if you use Auto mode frequently)


Regarding the weather tile, I have this successfully loaded into Smartthings and onto my dashboard. However, it does not update unless I manually update it with the older Samsung Classic app. Any idea how to have it update automatically?

WARNING: The WeatherStation 2.0 will likely stop working in February 2019. It is recommended to use the SmartThings provided WeatherStation Tile instead.

I had the same experience with the built-in SmartThings weather device… it seems as though the built-in polling doesn’t seem to work as expected. I installed the community developed Weather Station 2.0 and it has been very reliable. See the note above about SmartWeather Station 2.0 being deprecated.

You can find the device handler here:

Perfect. Just loaded it, I will see how it works. Thank you

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Just an FYI to anyone who is using the SmartThings community developed SmartWeather Station 2.0 Tile… it will likely break in February due to API changes in the SmartThings platform. The recommended solution at this time is to switch back to the built-in SmartThings provided SmartWeather Station Tile.

Edit: Moved this post over from the Tile Scaling for Fire HD10 - #15 post so it’s in a better place for other people to reference. :slight_smile:

Sometimes your local news site will provide a radar (similar to how you can use their forecasts).

Based on a search and some quick tests, I believe the Weather Underground ones can be embedded with a refresh interval specified. You can either use the US level map or you can select a region from the drop down and use the Image Link on the resulting page.

You can even drill in a bit further than that to your local region / metro area and then use the ‘Save Image’ button on the page to get a valid URL.

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Josh, how are you doing? I really like your local Raleigh ABC fixed URL image. I am trying to find a way to pull different images for hourly, multiple day or a weather radar image but using either a city name or zip code. Do you know of a way to change the URL input to pull a requested image? An example is yours is 4 day for Raleigh. Could a request be done where in the URL has:

  • zip code / city
  • 1 day, 2 day, 3 day, etc.
  • radar image

Thank you in advance.


The most common site for generating a ‘standard’ weather forecast is Free Weather Widget for your Website or Blog - Meteored

One of the neat features of is that they support customizing the colors - including transparency for the background color which works well when you want to let your background image of your dashboard shine through a bit.


For finding an image like the Raleigh image from my first post, your best bet is to look at the website of your local news station and see what they offer. You can find more details in the following post (or feel free to post your location here and the community can help you out):

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Josh, thank you! I will look at this later today. What I am trying to do is with a latitude/longitude (or city / area) the lat/long could be inserted into the URL and the weather image would be available.

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I realize this is a VERY old topic, but I was wondering if anyone using the Weather Underground radar images has noticed that they are about a day old and are no longer “current”? Has anyone found a good replacement radar map for them? They were so simple. :frowning:


That is weird. I don’t personally used them, but I checked the steps above and even their website seems to be showing radars from ~1 day ago. :thinking:

I’ve seen some community members embedding - there’s some details (including a custom ‘Refreshable URL Embed’ custom tile) in the following thread:

[Wiki] Good Sites for Custom Tile URL

I went to their website as well and found the same issue.

I’ll check out I appreciate it!!!

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