Show Off Your SharpTools Dashboards!

I re-created and added some to my previous AT dashboard on the ST platform. Work in progress, the cameras are looking out the window. I have a gap in the top row for another lock tile.


@eibyer, very cool air quality display! Just curious what does the Washer tile ‘1’ mean?

Thanks @James. It’s the meter reading on the plug, at idle it reads between 0 and 0.6, it gets rounded up :slight_smile: I’m envisioning an animated icon there when there’s a load.


Very cool. What device are you using to measure air quality?

I used puppeteer as described in the following thread… (someone else’s device) :smiley:


Great dashboard, but 107 degrees? Yikes!

Yeah, one of the perks of Arizona lol, but no hurricane!

I have a lot of work to do still between changing icons, backgrounds, layouts, and adding more devices - but after less than a week with Sharptools here is what I have.


Question - for the section dividers - like the boxes around pool temp in your last image, is that just part of your background image?

I used Photoshop to create the container boxes.

If you go that route make sure you test full screen mode as the icons buttons/switches will shift and not align correctly.

The image below is what I am referring to, don’t adjust the switches/icons without going full screen first, its obviously not difficult but it will take you a few tries to get it all aligned correctly


How are you linking your pool equipment?

The Intermatic PE653 (Z-wave) is a popular choice on the SmartThings and Hubitat communities. I’ve also seen more people going more DIY with single or multi channel relays (some of which even have inputs for temperature sensors).

And @Ricky_Turner has his pool lights connected with a Shelly switch - really creative approach.


I used AqualinkD to get the devices added. Had to tie that in with MQTT, Raspberry Pi, and a USBRS485 which then gave me the ability to control the pool.


Hey Mike
How did you do the weather underground radar?

I like the simple approach. Work in progress…



A work in progress. Using a Nexus 7 mounted to the wall temporarily with commander velcro strips.


I just started using Sharptools and this is what my layout looks like currently. I want to keep it really simple and clean. Used a simple background image copied from the new iOS backgrounds. And stuck with a dark theme so its not so bright at night but still works during the day. I wanted to be able to switch between dashboards so I created individual ones and used tiles on the left to switch between them. I think this is the best way of doing it. If not let me know.


@Tony_Matejek, thanks for sharing.

Yup, that’s the way to go. Or if you want to use a Media Tile with the desired image displayed, instead of the Dashboard Tile, to navigate between dashboards, you can add the Media Tile, and set its tap action to Open Hyperlink, fill in the dashboard’s relative path, ex: /dashboard/view/JqEaD3n6CVpC4aYZtZQo, and Open in Same Window. See screenshot below for example.


My new kitchen dashboard, utilizing themes and styles:


My personal mobile dashboard with new Styles and Themes functionality …