Tablet Power - AC to DC Converter Wiring

@josh or @Alex_Burrows or anyone. I have a fire HD10 and wall mount with 120/240V AC converter to 5v DC. But I am not an electrician and have no idea how to mount it. Does someone maybe have a link or install video or detailed step by step instructions?

I don’t have a video or link off hand, but what portion are you having questions about? I’d love to help ya out!
Once I have a better idea of which part, I can get you a detailed explanation


wiring the converter to a nearby outlet is my trouble not sure if it needs to go in another box and how it gets wired to the nearby outlet? also how big of an access hole will I need to wire it?

I’ve always had power nearby my installations. With the first tablet I mounted, the other side of the wall was a cabinet with power in the back, so I just ran the USB power through a grommet in the wall.

For other setups, I’ve had a switch nearby that I could source power from and I had enough room in the box to put the AC/DC converter and run just the low voltage a short distance in-wall to the tablet.

Fair warning that I am not an electrician, so this is just my experience and not professional advice. If I remember correctly, @Alex_Burrows is an electrician, so I’ll defer to him. :stuck_out_tongue:

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OK. So the line side of the Converter needs to be in a box, but the 5v dc side can just be in the wall. Are you just wanting to mount the tablet with a little hole behind it for the 5v power cord?


That is correct alex I would prefer just to do a small hole behind the tablet so that no cords are visible. here is the mount and converter Tablet Wall Mount for Amazon Fire | Makes by Mike. So I have a nearby light switch that’s currently in use but my plan is to tap on to it before the switch so that is always has power if that makes sense. Not sure if its possible or not but I have seen many others do it but can’t find a video or instructions anywhere. Any idea what it would cost to have an electrician come do it or is it simple enough for someone with minimal electrical knowledge like myself?

So which ac to dc converter do you have? And how old is your home? Older homes may not have neutrals in the switch box. I would charge in the realm of $150.00. I’m usually less expensive than the norm. So I’d plan on at least that much to hire an electrician. (what stste do you live in?)
But, if you are comfortable dealing with the electrical I’m more than happy to walk you through it. It’s definitely a home owner doable project!

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Florida. I ordered the converter on the website link I sent you for a 120/240v AC to 5v DC I’d upload a pic but I am still waiting for it to arrive. 1979 it was built but I believe there is a neutral in the box but I will double check when I get home.

So would I essentially just ground it inside the box and just run the wires out and connect them to the tablet charger and run through the whole in the wall?

OK yeah verify if it has the neutral, cuz at least here in the west, a house in the 70’s doesn’t have a neutral in the switch box.
As for wiring. you wire it all up in the box then your free to run the 5v cable in the wall as needed.
You can make the low voltage connections out of the box if you need to, but the 120 connections must be in a box


Thanks for the help Alex!

For the ground I’m just looking for a green screw in the box right? If there’s not one what would I need to do differently? Could I not ground off the electrical light switch?

In residential there typically isn’t a ground screw, there are just bare copper wires. If it’s a metal box, I bet they just wrapped the grounds to a screw in the back and called it good.
You cannot tap off the switch ground screw. You have to create a lead with a wire nut.
If it’s a metal box then you could cheat and do what that did and just screw you ground to the box like they possibly did. It works in theory but it’s against code. But still acts as a proper bond.