Rule to trigger a new screen

Been playing around with an idea and how to implement.

Background - Running FKB on wall mounted stock Amazon Fire tablets with Hubitat and pushover.

Would like to have any alarm event I have set up in Hubitat RM that sends pushover message to automatically bring up another dashboard on my running FKB fire tablets.

For example, I have several power monitoring circuits for GFI trips or water leaks. I then have rules set up in Hubitat RM to send pushover messages to our phones. I would like my dashboard running to automatically switch to a “alarm” dashboard while that alarm exists.

Not sure if that is possible.

Any suggestions?

PS - my other similar idea is to have the dashboard displayed based on the time of day. For example to keep the dashboards cleaner and simpler, don’t need to display all the light controls during the day, could then have daytime dashboard running to have more informational stuff.

There’s a Fully Kiosk Browser integration available for both Hubitat and SmartThings. The integration provides a method for changing the URL with: loadURL()

Edit: Be sure to check out the following post for some tips on how to perform fast client side navigation between SharpTools dashboards:

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