Remote control of Chrome browser (similar to Fully)

I like the remote control features of Fully through the plugin in Hubitat. I do have some touchscreens that use Chrome - running on Windows 10. Does anyone know of a way to automate Chrome in a similar fashion? Specifically to refresh a page, but also ideally to load specific URLs. Thanks.

I just started the migration from SmartThings to Hubitat. Can you share the information about the Fully plugin for Hubitat?

The following post has some references that may be helpful:

EventGhost used to be the go-to option for automating things like this on Windows when I played with it years back. Not sure if it’s still maintained or if there’s a plugin for Chrome or other browsers.

Thanks, will check it out.

Also, somewhat related to this. Does anyone know of a windows utility that beeps every time you touch the touchscreen, or I guess click with a mouse. I remember using one at some point but I can’t find anything now.

My Planar touchscreen uses the Windows HID driver and therefore has no software of it’s own. And I don’t see anything in windows that allows a beep to be turned on. With my old ELO touchscreens there was a utility that did this. Thanks.