Wallpanel - Link to other android apps


Before writing this new post, but I couldn’t find one answer.

I found info for Fully Kiosk.


It’s possible to link to other android apps, using Wallpanel instead of Fully Kiosk?

Last I checked (August 2020), WallPanel doesn’t support the intent: or app uri format.

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Hi Josh,

Didn’t answer before because I was testing.

So I changed to Fully Kiosk, and Youtube Music for example works like a charm.

And because Sharptools is in one tablet connected by bluetooth to one Google Mini, I have the possibility to play musics without the google premium account.

I’m really loving Sharptools. Really good work.

But I would like to make you another question +/- inside of the same subject.

My idea, was to create a new rule, to wake up my daughter:
Weekdays - at 08:00
Start Youtube Music and play something.

I think is possible, but because “Youtube Music” is only a dashboard link, I can’t choose it in the rules.

Do you have any idea how can I get around this?

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When you tap the YouTube Music tile, does it start to play the music automatically?
You can use the community developed Fully Kiosk Browser device handler, and use Rule Engine to control your Fully Kiosk browser to load a URL, so I am not sure what URL are you using in the tile, but you may want to give it a try.
See below for the links to the device handlers, and how to use the loadURL command in Rule Engine.


I really didn’t fully understand: Fully Kiosk Browser Controller (DTH).

But I follow all the steps, and it worked. :slight_smile:

On monday my daughter will wake up with a song that she likes, thanks to you.

Thank you.


@Daniel_Cruz, thanks for the updates and glad to hear that you got it working. :+1: I am sure your daughter will be excited with the new alarm. :grin:


Looks like WallPanel does support opening external apps now: Launch External Applications | WallPanel