Change Dashboard Screen Via Webhook

My alarm system sends webhooks for Burglar and Fire Alarms

My Question is, is it possible to change the Dashboard screen via webhooks, so I can set separate dashboards 1 - for fire and 1 - for Burglar alarm and the webhooks will switch to the one which is triggered by the separate webhook, thanks

If you use Fully Kiosk browser, it has APIs that can be used to switch which dashboard page is displayed.

There’s a Hubitat driver and SmartThings DTH available. Since Groovy is being shut down on SmartThings soon, you could use the Web Requestor driver along with Fully Kiosk’s REST API

The loadUrl format is:

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Thanks, I’ll take a look later, I was kinda hoping I could just create a rule just to perform a simulated tile press

I’m not sure if this should be asked here or on the Smartthings community.
I’m trying to use the Web Requestor driver with Fully Kiosk Browser.
I want the screen to turn off when a switch turns on but the screen is not turning off when the wed request is issued. Is this the correct command or should I be using a different command?


Which command from the Web Requestor driver are you using?

The URL seems right, but I’ve never tried the GET: prefix thing which I thought was just for the slots. I usually just call the GET() command with the URL I want:

I added the url above to web request #1 in the ST device as a pre-defined url.
I’m trying to call that web request when a switch is turned off. From ST, the web request device shows it is processed correctly but the screen doesn’t turn off. I tried adding the pre-defined selection to SharpTools but am not sure I’ve done it correctly. Did I mention this is new for me (in case you couldn’t guess) :rofl:

I will try just adding the url to a rule and see what happens.

You should be able to test each of the ‘selections’ / pre-configured requests within the SmartThings mobile app to make sure they’re working.

IIRC, the setSelection should just be a number indicating the slot to use, but I’m away from my devices for testing at the moment.