Dashboard switching based on rule engine

It would be awesome if The content of a screen or which screen is shown could be rule based.

I have a non touchpad screen in my hall. When The house is in home mode, view 1 with all The units and stuff is shown. When away mode engages, The screen changes to a cleaner locked state screen.

What kind of device are you viewing your dashboards on? If you’re using Fully Kiosk Browser on an Android tablet or Fire OS tablet, you can use automations to determine which dashboard is displayed :wink:

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Its displayed on a RPI Chrome browser. I Will check your link to see if i can use it!

The Fully Browser loadUrl() approach works, but when using the built-in “dashboard” tile, it is so much faster/nicer.

Even when I use the “fast” client-side navigation (e.g. loadUrl(javascript:postMessage({action:'navigate', route: { path: '/dashboard/view/<dashboard id>'}})), but it still triggers a “loading” spinning circle thing for a couple seconds or so in the Fully Browser on my Fire Tablet 8. This doesn’t happen when I push one of the “hardcoded” change dashboard tiles.

The current loadUrl() approach is tolerable, but it makes me try not to use this approach if at all possible. The WAF went up when I just had dedicated buttons for different dashboards rather than one button that triggered a rule that went to one dashboard or the other based on a variable (which indicated whether music was currently playing).

I’m not sure how - internally - dashboards switch that is different than the loadUrl() approach, but there is seems to be something clever going on.

Hi @Mike_O_Connor - thanks for sharing your experience. When using the ‘fast’ client side navigation, it should be just as instantaneous as tapping a dashboard tile. Internally, it’s actually using the same navigation logic.

Would you mind sharing the rule you are using to run the loadUrl() command in Fully Kiosk along with a screenshot of the loading spinner you’re seeing? And can you share some details on how you are testing things?

OK, I tried reproducing the issue but couldn’t seem to do it. I had adapted things away from using it, so I couldn’t figure out exactly what I had been doing.

I think it was probably that I was in the midst of developing things and changing stuff frequently enough that uncached recently updated target pages and (perhapse) slow JavaScript performance on my Fire Tablet were to blame.


I am out of votes. But I would love to see this as well. I am able to switch screens nicely on Fully Kiosk, and Chrome based NUCs. But I have a number of iPads that I can’t do it with.