Ring Doorbell on dashboard


Looking for a way to add the Ring Doorbell to the dashboard to make it similar to the iOS classic SmartThings app where it shows the status and if you touch the play button you get the live view.


We recently reached out to Ring through their partners program and are awaiting feedback. They don’t have an official public API like some companies, so we’ll need to get access to the partner program in order to access the APIs.

That being said, there might be some workarounds that could work for you. If the device is integrated with SmartThings and has the status data you are referring to, we could make a Ring tile that displays the status… then upon clicking it, we could open up the Ring app if it’s installed.

Note that you can use a Hyperlink tile today to open an app:

For Android, the intent is:


I’m not sure what the URL scheme for Ring is on iOS - if you find it, please let me know and I’ll update the KB article!


ok cool ill look around and see what i can find.


by chance do you have the alexa app url for ios?


looks like alexa:// works


Thanks - I added the Alexa example to the list in the KB article!

Some of the URL schemes even support parameters letting you open specific features of the app or take specific actions. For example, you can initiate a Facetime call with:


It would be cool if we could find a Ring URL that let you open playback for a specific camera directly.


agree, or just access live view.


Is there anyway to capture the pic being taken in Smartthings recents to publish to SharpTools? This is a Skybell BTW… NOT Ring… if it matters


Can you share a link to the device type handler?


lol… uh…(im sure that should make sense but it dont) i assume that would be in IDE to find that? Skybell is under devices… sorry but please expand.


I thought you might have been using a custom Device Type Handler (DTH) from a SmartThings community member to integrate the Skybell… is it an official integration from SmartThings or did you have to install code via the IDE?


its official integration…


I assume this will work in sharptools, correct?



Yes. It’s just the Android automation app called AutomateIt determining which app to open. :grinning: