CCTV on dashboard

Hi guys first off very impressed with the community in here this is my first post and I am new in building only my 3rd day in I’ve got my lights working on my dashboard through fully kiosk and a little weather app. but im having real trouble displaying any of my swann cctv cameras i have looked at the tinycam way scanning the network with tiny cam picks up 1 of my swann cameras but dosent fire off any of the data to say its receiving the pictures so still dead in the water here, any slow tips for a newbie here step by step on how to draw any cctv footage on the dashboard i read on here ring is quite difficult to do as well but if someone can show me the ropes or help me thank you in advanced.

@DADDY :thinking:, welcome to the community. :joy: Can you provide more details about your TinyCam setup? Were you able to see the camera’s view in the TinyCam app at all?

Hello James no unfortunately not i couldn’t even get that far i have swann DVR-4680,

in tiny cam it picks 1 of the cameras and populates my model number of the dvr ect i might just bypass the swann issue and get a wyze camera over here in the UK they cost £50 US $25?? ha ha wow price difference?

also can you provide a setup guide for ring motion on dashboard easy steps ha ha

Do you mean a Ring Motion Sensor? Or a Ring Doorbell?

Since the Ring Motion Sensors are Z-wave, they can be paired directly to your SmartThings hub. But they can only be paired to one hub at a time, so if you have a Ring Alarm system, the sensor is either paired to Ring or SmartThings.

Unfortunately, Ring is a pretty closed ecosystem. They don’t provide APIs to access their cameras directly, but you could try one of the community workarounds. Just brainstorming here as I don’t personally use these options:

For NVRs in TinyCam, sometimes you have to change the ‘channel’. When you’re adding/editing a camera it’s under Advanced → Channel. It defaults to 1, but if you have multiple cameras, you can try 2, 3, etc and see if any of those work.

@josh @James progress chaps and learning for someone new, ive managed to get my DVR stream pulled into tiny cam but the only way i can get it to work is via a rtsp:// stream but once i load media into dashboard it will not support rtsp any work around on this?

Good progress made. :slightly_smiling_face:

Once the video streams are pulled into TinyCam (via rtsp), TinyCam acts as the proxy server and can then feed the video (in MJPG) from its webserver to SharpTools dashboards. If the cameras can be viewed in TinyCam, you should be able to follow the steps in the post below to bring them into SharpTools dashboards.

@James @josh managed to sort the issue last problem is that annoying bypass for web browser NO cameras display tried you work arounds they do NOT work for chrome or IE any help? as i add them into dashboard for the preview it has that HTTPS message will not display preview there for doesnt work