Ring Doorbell on dashboard

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If I remember correctly, the notifications from app that installed from side-loaded Play store simply just doesn’t work in Fire tablets, and my quick google research found many have complained about Fire devices not getting notification from Ring.

However, I think you can achieve this without Automateit. Try the steps below:

  1. Add Ring to your SmartThings/Hubitat hub
  2. Create Fully Browser “device” in SmartThings/Hubitat using the community developed DTH
  3. Authorize both Ring and the Fully Browser “devices” to SharpTools.io
  4. Create a rule in Rule Engine. When Ring button is pressed, ask Fully to load “intent:#Intent;launchFlags=0x10000000;component=com.ring.answer/com.ring.answer.presentation.splash.SplashActivity;end” url, which should make the Fully to load Rapid Ring app.

See the post below for some related examples and links to find the DTH.

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The IOS url ring:// when opened from a hyperlink on a dashboard reveals the notification community page inside ring vs the page of the cameras that are discovered inside the ring app. do we know @josh what the actual build on the url (ring://) that would enable the view of that page.


I don’t think I’ve seen an iOS link documented for ring that opens directly to a video feed or even the page of cameras. If you find something, please be sure to update the thread!

I was reading this thread hoping there was a way to get my Ring doorbell video on my iPad dashboard. Looks like the answer is no? Nothing new since January. In general, is it worth getting a Fire tablet if they are more flexible? I just have an extra older iPad available so I was trying to get it to work.

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Being able to use Fully Kiosk does make quite a difference for me personally. You can get the new Fire 8 tablet (available after 6/21?) for $89 to play with and see if that works out better for you. What model/year of your old iPad is?

Probably about 5 years old, an iPad Air 2

Sorry, that doesn’t make your decision easier. :rofl: iPad Air 2 should still be solid for dashboard, I was going to suggest to try the new Fire tablet if your iPad is any order than that. (iPad Air 2 is the first model that comes with 2GB RAM if I remember correctly.)

Yes it works really well for a dashboard. But I see these other dashboards that have video streams, so I was trying to figure that out. All I have managed to do with my Ring is get a tile on the dashboard, no live stream. And even tapping the tile won’t do anything. I’m new to ST so I’m in that phase of wanting to learn and try everything :grin:

Did you add Ring as a motion tile? If so, tapping the tile won’t do anything, as it is just a motion status tile. However, you may want to create a Hyperlink with ring:// as the URL, and add it in the dashboard, so you can tap it to open the Ring app.

I am struggling to understand how to set up media or url tiles. I have the Ring app and the Rapid Ring app. I’m not sure what I put in when creating the media Hyperlink. How do I know / find what url to use? Sorry for all the newbie questions, your help is awesome and really appreciated.

I am sorry that I meant to say “Hyperlink”, but typed Media instead. You will first go to the Resource Management page, tap Hyperlink at top and create a Hyperlink like the screenshot below.

Then you can add this Hyperlink to the dashboard by editing the dashboard, add new tile, and expand Hyperlinks to find the newly created Hyperlink, and save.

Once added, you can now tap it to open the Ring app.

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Cool, got that to work. What would I use to get the Rapid Ring app to open? I tried rapidring:// and no luck. How does one figure out the correct url?

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find the URL for Rapid Ring :expressionless:, but I have just posted in the Ring Community. Will update here.

According to the reply from Ring community. it is not currently supported to open Rapid Ring from URL scheme in iOS at this point.

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Thank you for checking on this.

@josh Is there a way to have a tile launch directly to the live view of a specific camera in the Ring app? I can launch the app, but the camera list doesnt support landscape and Id rather have links to each camera.

I already have rules to auto launch based on notifications. Just hoping to add direct-to-live-feed buttons for each camera too.

(Couldn’t find a definitive yes/no in the recent archives).

Not that I’m aware of.

Its odd that the ring link doesn’t work, as its perfectly fine from within Smartthings.

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@James is this feature working still? I believe I have all the steps correctly as you explained i still don’t get a video stream when door bell is pushed. Thanks