Feature Request: Reload URL

Seems like I have to “reboot” a couple of my Fire 10’s about every day. It would be lovely to have a rule that allowed periodic reloading of the start URL. Is this feasible?


Yes, it’s possible if you are using the Fully Kiosk Browser. You will need to install the community developed DTH, which supports “loadStartURL()” command. Then you can add it as an action in the rule flow. While Rule Engine doesn’t support “every x period” trigger yet, you can still add multiple timer triggers to reload the start url every few hours. Ex:every day 12am, everyday 12pm, and etc.

Hubitat Fully Kiosk Community Developed DTH:

SmartThings Fully Kiosk Community Developed DTH:


Thanks James - that’s great!

I am having a problem: I’ve installed the Hubitat driver, set up FK in the Fire HD10, authorized the device in Sharptools, and added the device (Fully Kiosk Controller) to a dashboard. The only Hero attributes listed are Alarm, Mute and Volume. Don’t see Reload Start URL.

Any idea of where I’ve gone astray?

@Stan_Silverman, sorry that I didn’t make it clear in my previous post. Since you want the dashboard to reload the start URL automatically every once a while, you’d need to use Rule Engine here. See below for a quick example to trigger the rule twice a day at noon and midnight, and to reload the start URL on your Fully device(Fully Kiosk Controller). Let me know this helps. Thanks.

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What happens that makes you need to ‘reboot’ the tablets periodically?

Thanks, James!

I believe it should be working OK now. I’m going to set up another tablet as well. I assume I’ll just create another instance of the driver and configure it to the IP of the second tablet.

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Josh - the usual clues are things like:

  • A lamp or switch that I know is ON displays OFF - or vice versa
  • Place Holder appears instead of Weather (Darksky simplified)
  • If Weather is showing, temperature looks like last night’s instead of today’s

I don’t believe I’m having as much trouble with Darksky simplified as I was with Hubitat’s integral weather, but it does cause pain.

Yes - it works! I happened to be sitting in front of my downstairs dashboard at 2 AM and watched it reload. Three placeholders (I think) came back to life.

Question: Am I the only user who has to reload dashboards periodically?

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