Auto Switch Dashboards

Is there a way to set a timer so a different dashboard loads every x seconds? If everything is green on the Status Overview dashboard, then I’d like to rotate between my Status Overview dashboard, Weather and Traffic dashboard, and News dashboard; otherwise keep the Status Overview dashboard open.

Second, is there a way to load my Dark dashboard after no interaction for x minutes with the currently viewed dashboard?

Finally, I’d like to mount my Android tablet on my bedroom wall, and I want it to autodim at 10PM. What do people use to dim their screens programmatically?

I’m not very skilled in coding so I’d like to be able to use the built-in GUI if possible for the first two questions.

Status Overview dashboard

Dark dashboard

After some more digging I found an answer to my third question: I’m trying out Fully Kiosk Browser and it seems to be doing exactly what I’m looking for.

I still haven’t figured out my two dashboard questions though.

Fully Kiosk is a popular solution – glad to hear you found it.

There’s also device drivers for Fully Kiosk available that would enable you to control your Fully Kiosk instance from rules. (Fully Kiosk Driver links in this thread)

The driver comes with a basic loadUrl() command which you could use to change which dashboard is loaded… once you get that figured out, you might be interested in the Fully Kiosk Fast Navigation trick which is a much more efficient way of changing which dashboard is loaded.


What am I missing here? I’ve got FKB installed, the DHT installed and configured in SmartThings, have successfully tested sending sounds and dashboards from my PC’s Chrome browser to my tablet’s Fully browser, but my Sharptools rule isn’t triggering the dashboard to open. I’ve been digging around, tried a few variations of the “input argument” and am still stumped.

If you have the driver installed and you’re calling the loadUrl() command directly on your Fully Kiosk ‘Thing’, you just want the raw url value.

Direct URL

So either the direct URL to your dashboard:

Fast Switch Format

Or the fast switch format – just the part from Step 2. And you have to already have the web app open in Fully Kiosk already for this format to work.

(I suspect you might have followed the steps another user further down in that thread needed since they were triggering the Fully Kiosk API directly from a different automation app on their network rather than using a device driver).

javascript:postMessage({action:'navigate', route: { path: '/dashboard/view/XXXXX'}})

:warning: I did a quick test on Hubitat and this worked with just the raw format mentioned above. I haven’t tried on SmartThings recently, so I don’t recall if you need to url-encode the raw format for that version of the device handler.

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I’m still missing something - probably simple.

I have FKB installed on my Galaxy Tab A tablet with the Sharptools dashboards I want to access on the FKB Universal Launcher page. I can manually open the pages from the FKB Launcher.
Pressing a “Things” button on a dashboard running in FKB works as expected (light turns on or another dashboard loads).
I have the GvnCampbell : Fully Kiosk Browser Controller installed into my SmartThings device handlers. I installed it using my PC. This is the driver you mention, right?
I noticed your “Things” device references a hardware device (Pixel - nice phone choice BTW). This makes me think you have multiple FKBC “Things.” Is the FKBC hardware dependent (i.e. I need one for my tablet, one for phone, one for PC)?

How does the loadURL action tell FKB to open the URL?
Is a SharpTools dashboard the same as the SharpTools web app? If not, how do I install the web app into FKB’s Launcher?

I suspect the last question is where I’m hung up but I’m not sure.

After you installed the driver and created a device using it, did you go into the device preferences and set the IP address of your Fully Kiosk device and include the password for your Fully Kiosk Remote Admin?

Yes, you would need to create a device (using the driver) for each FKB device.

Once you have the ‘Thing’ in SmartThings configured with the IP and password, when you use any of the commands of that Thing, it sends the command to your Fully Kiosk Browser instance directly.

Yes, the dashboard and web app are the same.

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You mentioned that you had tested previously – I assume you were calling the Fully Kiosk API directly from your browser (eg. not using the SmartThings device), right?

One other thing I wanted to note is that SmartThings plans on sunsetting Groovy sometime this year. Which means that if no one ends up converting the Device Type Handler over to the new ‘Edge Driver’ format, then it will probably stop working.

I have not personally used it, but there is an Edge Web Requestor driver. In theory, you could take the commands you tried in your browser and use them directly in this driver. Unfortunately Edge Drivers are still in beta, so they’re a bit hit-or-miss with how well they work with apps like SharpTools, but I expect that will get better quickly as SmartThings works to shutdown groovy and Edge drivers become the only meaningful alternative.

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YES! Thanks for helping me figure this out. I think I had created the password in the FKB admin page but not in the SmartThings device, which is one of the reasons it wasn’t working.

Correct, and I had the password in the URL.

I had been hearing about Groovy going away but havent really looked into it. I’ll do some research on that next.

Thanks again. :beer: :beer: