Music, Weather, Spacers, and Media Tiles


Today’s update includes new Music, Weather, and Spacer tiles as well as an update to the Media Tile! I’m trying something new this time with the inclusion of a YouTube video describing some of the new features - let me know if this is helpful or if you prefer the standard text-and-image update posts!

New Features:

Music Playback

The new Music Playback tiles let you control the playback of audio devices in your home (and some video devices!). In the screenshot below, we are controlling our Office Sonos device - clicking play lets us quickly start playing some tunes and the currently playing track is displayed.


The Details link in the bottom left brings up some additional playback controls, additional player data, and volume controls.


The all new Weather tiles are available for SmartWeather and Weather Station 2.0 compatible devices. If you don’t already have a SmartWeather device in your SmartThings installation, you can add it from the SmartThings IDE or try out the community Weather Station 2.0 device.

The weather tiles display easy to read forecast icons, temperature, and other weather related data like sunrise, sunset, humidity, percent precipitation, and wind speed.


Have you ever wanted to position your tiles in a really specific layout? The new Spacer tiles provide more flexibility for positioning your real tiles by allowing you to fill in gaps with blank spacer tiles. The spacer tiles are visible during editing, but disappear leaving an empty gap where you’ve laid them out.


Note that the tile layout engine still defaults to a left-to-right, top-to-bottom layout, so sometimes it’s helpful to either adjust your browser to the target device’s width or edit from a computer while watching the target device. Each time you press the orange save icon in the editor, the changes are pushed out to your devices.

Media Tile Updates

Media Tiles now have two new options for better laying out your media - Media Scaling and Media Position. The scaling option lets you choose between ‘Fill’, ‘Contain’, and ‘Cover’ which will either ‘stretch’, ‘fit’, or ‘trim’ the media item into the tile respectively. The Media Position option is especially helpful with ‘cover’ scaling option as it lets you vertically align the image to choose which part of the image is trimmed off.

The YouTube video at the top of this post shows how each of these options work. Alternatively, the following post has some screenshots showing each option:

Weather Image Sources
Thoughts on Media Tile options?
Weather Image Sources

Good updates! Like the Spacer Tile and fixed the ability of media tile to show entire image! Thanks for all you do!


Big update!!
Nice job Josh. All features used and working.


Looks great, Josh!

20 char.


@josh 2 things.

  1. I can’t remove these ‘placeholders’ I edit and click on the ‘X’ but nothing?

  2. I installed a couple switches today that control lights. Why can’t I make the icon do what other bulbs do? Light up.

Modes, SHM, Routines... and more!

Thanks for the heads up on not being able to remove the placeholders. I’ll take a look and see what’s going on. In the meantime, you might try removing the tile from another device.

What type of Thing is the new Thing which doesn’t light up? If I remember correctly it’s only Things which implement the switch capability that glow - if you can share the device type, I’ll look into it. I noticed that it shows ‘Held’ in the secondary attribute line which makes me wonder if it’s being recognized as a button.

Edit: Placeholders are Things which are no longer authorized. The other workaround would be to reauthorize the Things so you can remove them from the dashboard and then deauthorize them.


The light is a inovelli wall switch. I’m using it as a light. I like the lights.

I’ll try removing the placeholders with your suggestion.


I was easily able to remove placeholder from tablet. Just wasn’t able to on the phone. FYI.


I just pushed a hotfix which should resolve the issue with being able to tap the ‘X’ to remove placeholder tiles on iOS devices. Thanks again for reporting it.

PS. I looked into the device in question that you would like to glow when it is active… it reports itself as a button and a switch. I have a few ideas on how to achieve your desired functionality and I’ve added it to the hit list.

Edit: Switches are now prioritized over Buttons for device display. (reference)


Works awesome. Thanks @josh