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Yes. This edge web browser is guilty.
I don`t know why I did not check before. :exploding_head:
Firefox and Chrome work.
Thank you very much for your help. :grinning:


Could you add the ON/OFF function to the media player?
It can be helpful when I turn on the media player and my amplifier can turn on too and other operating buttons.

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Hi i was trying to add the weather tile to the sharptools tiles and I do all that is instructed nothing happens in the SmartThings app when I click on it it said “can not connect to device. Chance Device and try again”. Can you help me try to set it up see what I did wrong? Also I will like to put like a radio player on the tiles or any music player what can I do? Thanks in advance


WARNING: The WeatherStation 2.0 will likely stop working in February 2019. It is recommended to use the SmartThings provided WeatherStation Tile instead.

Anthony, thanks for the message. Can you clarify what you’ve tried? Since you are on SmartThings, I would recommend installing the community developed SmartWeather Station 2.0. See note above about the SmartWeather Station 2.0 Tile expected to break in February 2019.

The post linked immediately above includes a link to his custom code as well as some instructions on how to install it. Once you’ve installed and configured the device in SmartThings, be sure to authorize it in SharpTools so you can add it to your dashboard. :slight_smile:

For the Media Player tiles, you’ll need to have some sort of device connected to SmartThings which implements the Music Player capability. Do you have any media/music devices connected to SmartThings already?


For the weather tolé what you posted was what I did I took the code added it to SmartThings under crear new device handler saved and published it then I went to devices and added it but when I go to extracted in sharptools to create the wether tile I can’t find it under things i can see other devices that I have created but can’t find that one. Don’t know what I did wrong I thing I followed all the steps correctly


After creating the new weather tile in SmartThings did you authorize it in SharpTools? SharpTools doesn’t have access to new devices until you explicitly authorize them. To do this:

  1. Open your SharpTools User page.
  2. Click the Manage Connections button
  3. Select SmartThings from the modal that pops up
    1. If you are prompted to, login with your Samsung/SmartThings credentials
  4. Select your location from the drop-down
  5. Check the box next to your new device and press Authorize

Note: Once the authorization is complete, it may take a few seconds for SharpTools to sync the new device to your account.


Awesome so I was able to do it and it showed but then it said N/A on the tile. I feel like am almost there lol


If I remember correctly, there are some settings that have to be set in the SmartWeather 2.0 device to get it to refresh… then it might take a few minutes after changing those settings before its next scheduled refresh.


Got it I think I might of seen them I will check it out thanks for all your help


It worked just needed the zip code on the SmartThings settings


For the music media i wanted to add like a radio tile or like from Spotify or like from my media player in my computer any like that will work for me or even SoundCloud can that be done?


Is there a way to have Weatherstation Tiles 2.0 display time in the 12 hour format instead of 24 hour?


WARNING: The WeatherStation 2.0 will likely stop working in February 2019. It is recommended to use the SmartThings provided WeatherStation Tile instead.

Probably best suited for the developer of the Weather Station 2.0 device handler in his original thread… but I took a look at the code and it looks like you should be able to change the time format on line 399 by changing the format from 24 hour notation HH:mm to 12 hour notation hh:mm a.

From what I can tell, its using the SimpleDateFormat utility in Java which accepts the time formats noted in their documentation. Try changing Line 399 linked above to something like:

def tf = new java.text.SimpleDateFormat("hh:mm a")


Thanks for the tip, but it did not work. I will try over in the original thread to see if they can help.


You probably wouldn’t see the new format until the next time the data for that device is refreshed (or you manually ‘polled’ the device. I’m assuming you are referring to the sunset and sunrise time… is that right?


I am using this now for road conditions data and the image I am pulling is of course in landscape ratio, and it is difficult to fit inside a portrait tile. It does work though, but ideally I would like to be able to also position it horizontally as then I can better position it to the area I would like to see.

I am not sure if it would be possible to zoom into the image as well ? That could also be nice.

This is how it looks and in the red square is the area I am most intersted in having displayed.


Thanks for sharing the screenshot with the detailed comments. We’ve had one other request for this as can be found in the following post:

I have it tracked in our hit list… there hasn’t been a lot of interest shown for that feature yet, so we’ve been prioritizing some other highly requested features first. :slight_smile:

In the meantime, how are you generating the image? It appears to be a mix of traffic data, weather, and perhaps some other data. Some of the map generators have the ability to adjust the zoom and size directly in the URL. For example, check out this post about generating a traffic map.

In the map generator, there are options for adjusting the positioning, zoom, and resulting map size:

Perhaps your source has that option too?


Ah, I thought I did a good search before posting and didn’t find the links you shared.

The image is just pulled from the local road administration website, so there is only one static version of it and it contains wind, road conditions, cars travelled etc.

But nice to hear that it is on a list. I am not in a hurry, just wanted to know if this was on the radar.


@josh would it be possible to add a line break tile that’s super skinny or doesn’t take actual space?
I would like to make it so that no matter what my dashboard resolution is the same things are always next to each other.


Just an FYI to anyone who is using the SmartThings community developed SmartWeather Station 2.0 Tile… it will likely break in February due to API changes in the SmartThings platform. The recommended solution at this time is to switch back to the built-in SmartThings provided SmartWeather Station Tile.


Hey, so I’m having an issue with a weather media tile I created. I didn’t put any spacers under it, but it’s still creating a gap underneath. Any ideas?