SmartThings Weather Changes

As some of you may be aware, Weather Underground announced that they will be shutting down their Weather APIs. As a result of the WeatherUnderground API shutdown, SmartThings is transitioning to The Weather Channel APIs as noted in this thread:

The good news is that the built-in SmartWeather Station Tile device handler was automatically updated and was mostly backwards compatible with the old version (there were a few tweaks we had to make to SharpTools which have already been deployed).

The bad news is…

Weather Station 2.0 WILL STOP WORKING

If you are using the community developed SmartWeather Station 2.0 Tile, your weather data will likely stop updating when the WeatherUnderground APIs are shut down (expected February). A few people in the SmartThings Community have posted questions asking if the SmartWeather Station 2.0 Tile will be updated, but I have yet to see a response from the author or anyone in the community who has indicated that they will be picking it up.

If SmartWeather Station 2.0 is not updated, it will likely stop updating. The recommended solution at this time is to switch back to the built-in SmartThings provided SmartWeather Station Tile.