Map tile with real-time traffic


It is really cool to show the map tile with real-time traffic on the dashboard. This is something I wanted to have for a while. And I was able to get this setup in 2 minutes following the steps below.


  1. Get a MS Bing map API from here

    (Why not Google Map? Because Google map static image api doesn’t allow traffic layer.:frowning: )

  2. Go to the link below and setup your map parameter using the API Key from Step 1

    (Don’t forget to check the “Show traffic” box.)

  3. Copy the generated URL

  4. Add a Media Tile in SharpTools dashboard, and paste the URL we got from Step 3 in the “Media URL” field, set the Refresh Interval to 300 seconds, and hit “Create”

(Since MS Bing API Key allows free 125k API calls per year, so you may not want to set the refresh interval to be less than 5 minutes.See here for API usage limit details.)

Here you go. Very cool map tile with real-time traffic right here!

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