[Example] Start your Day - Weather, Calendar, News Feeds, Traffic

In addition to traditional ‘smart home’ features like being able to view and control smart devices, SharpTools has a variety of features and integrations to help you manage your day.

  • Calendar - keep an eye on the day or week ahead
  • Weather - warm enough for shorts? Need an umbrella for the day?
  • News Feeds - keep up with local and global news
  • Traffic Map - check on traffic before heading out to work

You can see a live demo of these features at around the 50 second mark of the following video:


SharpTools supports a wide variety of calendars including Google, Apple iCloud, Office 365, Facebook, and more! As long as your calendar can provide an iCal compatible output (which many modern calendars do), you can view your calendar in your dashboard.

:link: How do I add a calendar to my dashboard?


There are two primary approaches to displaying weather information in your SharpTools dashboard. Both SmartThings and Hubitat have ‘devices’ which can display weather information in a standard tile format. Another popular approach is to use a forecast or radar image from your favorite weather or news site in a Media Tile. Both approaches are documented here:

:link: Weather Tile - How to Setup

News Feeds

Pick from a variety of popular news feed sources or connect your own! Many modern websites provide an “RSS Feed” of their content which you can show in your SharpTools dashboard:

:link: How do I add a News Feed to my dashboard?

Traffic Map

Display a map of the local traffic information using the steps in the following community post:

:link: How To: Map with Real Time Traffic