How to Adjust Tile Size Smaller?

Question on Type tiles or any tiles, is there way to size like (-2x, -4x etc) Height or width?
It would give even more flexibility

@Bob_Ciolino thanks for the message!

The most common way to do this is to adjust your base tile size to be smaller and then increase the size of each of your ‘normal’ tiles accordingly.

The base tile size is Medium (160px). So if you wanted to be able to create ‘half’ sized tiles, you could change your baseline Tile Size in the Dashboard Settings to Tiny (80px) and then double the size of all your existing tiles to get them back to ‘normal’.

(eg. 1x1 tiles become 2x2… and 2x1 tiles become 4x2 tiles).


Here’s an example video where I reduce the base Tile Size by half so I can make the garage door tile 1/2 sized:

Note that you can also use a ‘Custom’ tile size which lets you specify any baseline tile size dimension you want. The thing to keep in mind is that the tile size in the Tile Editor is a multiplier of baseline tile size (literally 1×baseline, 2×baseline, etc.).

Sorry I sent another email,
1)My suggestion would be set the dashboard size setting to a “base” size then I would custom each individual tile for my preference.
See attached for an example of what I mean.

2) Would like to see more tile size options in the dashboard settings. Is it possible to have a option that the user can can type in the size in px?

All my input is to help with the “look” not really the functionally of the program.

Other thoughts down the road:

A) Radius the corners of the tiles

B) More color choices

C) Gradient of the colors

D) Adding a stroke to tiles

E) Adding colors



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@Bob_Ciolino I noticed that you replied from email rather than on the community directly, so I’m not sure if you saw the details of my reply above, including the video, as it enables you to create smaller tiles. :grin:

Thanks for the suggestion around additional customizations. I’ve noted the feedback. One of the key drivers for how we determine what we work on is the level of community interest, so posting to the community is a good starting point!

Off hand where is the best place to leave suggestions. Email or community board

@Bob_Ciolino you can suggest right here in the community. As @josh mentioned, our development priority is usually based on the interests received in the community. So posting new ideas/suggestions here and others can comment if they are interested as well. :slight_smile:

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Will do in the future

@James @josh I’d be interested in @Bob_Ciolino’s recommendation here as well.
Personally it would likely be for my mobile dashboard. Thanks!!


Hi, I don’t get the option of “Tile Size” under my customization settings for the dashboard. Can you help please? thanks

The ‘Tile Size’ setting is only available when the dashboard ‘Sizing Approach’ is set to ‘Reflowing’.


Upon the introduction of Scalable Dashboards, the scalable option was made the default. If your goal is to get smaller tiles and you have the Scalable dashboard sizing option selected, you can increase the number of columns.

So if you currently have a 6 column wide dashboard, you could change it to 12 columns wide if you wanted to double the number of columns and thus make the base tile size 1/2 of the original size.

Making the base resolution smaller and then change all tiles to the size you want is a lot of work…but doable in some cases. If you use a label as a banner over the top and your resolution is small, then you cannot make your label wide enough because 10 width is the max they give you, and i cannot get them to fix something that easy without a bunch of people vote on it.


I’d vote for that. I have lowered my resolution because of this. I wanted to make a 20 wide dashboard, gives you a lot of freedom on sizing. But my weather banner would only be half screen and really tiny to read.

I found this a weird thing to bump into actually.

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