Half Height Tiles?

Hi Josh

Any chance to have one more dimension (height and width) as 0.5x. Half of 1x?

As you can see below to separate my tiles I’m suing the Title tile, but is so big as size 1x and I’m wasting space on my dashboard.

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting, @Cesar_Alves.

The most common approach is use a smaller base Tile Size and then increase the size of each of your ‘normal’ tiles accordingly.

The following post has an example showing this approach:

Thank Josh. I created the tiles with tiny sizes and it fixed my issue.

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Evaluating SharpTools, might have missed something.

To me that was a pretty dissatisfying answer, honestly probably enough to make me abandon the platform. I don’t want to go and laboriously change the dimensions of all my tiles so I can introduce a handful of correctly sized labels (or spacers). Having a default in the middle of a range and then letting me both grow and shrink the specialized tiles means a lot less work.


I do not find an option to set tile size in Dashboard Settings. What am I missing?

Scalable Dashboards are the new default and you define how many columns wide the dashboard is now rather than defining the Tile Size as with Reflowing dashboards.

So in your case, you could double the number of columns from 6 to 12 to make the tiles half sized.

Hi Josh

Thank you for the speedy response. I will try that approach.



Does this mean that you can’t have some tile larger than others?

You can still have some tiles larger than others by changing their individual tile dimensions. And if your goal is to get half-height tiles, you can double the number of columns in the dashboard’s Number of Columns setting to effective get 1/2 sized tiles.

(Twice as many tiles in the same row space = tiles that are half their original size)


Hi my friend, you can set a tile that is 2x, 3x, 4x, etc of the default tile size… For example check the header, is 3x width and 1x height