Half and quarter size tiles

I would like to request half and quarter-size tiles on scaleable dashboards. I did see a similar request a couple of years ago but I think this may be a little different. The use case here is specifically with re-scalable dashboards, and the purpose is to accommodate dashboard overlays. In the example, I’m thinking Imay have one or more dashboard overlays which I do not necessarily want to give each one the same amount of real estate as a normal tile, but would prefer they all occupy the space of a single regular tile. ( two to one to four to one) . The procedure of Oversizing to reduce size for one or two tiles per dashboard seems somewhat cumbersome for the goal. Thanks!

Do you have an example dashboard where you’ve applied the manual oversizing approach? It might help visually demonstrate what you are trying to accomplish.

Does this mockup demonstrate what you meant?

Keep in mind that you can use Super Tiles for this. In the following blog post, one of the examples is using a Super Tile to create a re-usable navigation tile. The same concept could be applied to opening dashboard overlays.

No, to be honest seems way too complicated. Seems like I need to oversivpze everything else to accommodate one or two tiles?

HubiVue had an “ultra tile” which was essentially a dashboard link. Eventually it was supposed to fly out or over Fay the current dashboard. Below is an ultra tile I set up to monitor motion sensors. These tile were adjustable in size, but still could take up a considerable amount of real estate since they were static and not an overlay.

Close up of the ultra tile

Yes, two half or four quarter in the space of a 1X1.

The specific use I’m considering is a weather / environmental monitoring dashboard, currently with about twenty devices, each itself a supertile with three or more attributes, so it would be very cumbersome to do as a super tile.

Is it possible to add existing supertitles to a supertile dashboard? Or just select this dashboard to be the supertile?

Thanks for the feedback @Clay_Wilson

Just wanted to make sure I was clear with my last example as I didn’t show it in action. Does this not accomplish what you were looking for?

You could even use any existing hyperlink/dashboard aware tile, like a Weather Tile, and have that open your dashboard in an overlay as well.

Either approach is good when you want to have a smaller tile used as a ‘summary’ and then use another dashboard as an overlay to display more details.

I need to play with it some more.I am inclined to say it might. I couldn’t figure out how to use an existing dashboard (and that dashboard itself is made out of several supertiles).

I finally did get the environment/weather dash to work as an overlay supertile and it does work as I had hoped. I’ll admit I’m not really sure why I couldn’t do it last night (needed sleep probably), nor really sure how I got it to work today. I’ll keep tinkering with it. The additional video did help though, thanks!

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