'Sticky' Tiles / Media Tile Label Request

I having issues with tiles moving tiles I just can’t get the hang of it. I also notice when moving tiles in different browsers the tiles react differently.

Is there a way when I finally get the tile where I want it I can “Stick” or “Lock it”?

Off topic question:
Is there a way to put a label on a media tile? I have a dashboard with traffic cameras and was hoping to add type or a label to ideneify the camera.

Again Thanks

Thanks for the message and sorry to hear that moving the tiles has been troublesome. One thing to keep in mind is that tiles are ordered from left-to-right, top-to-bottom… and if there are any empty spaces when a reflow is triggered, those empty spaces will get filled and the tiles will move around to fill in the gaps.

A common approach is to use Spacer Tiles to fill in blank spaces when desired.

If you want to record a short video showing the issues you are experiencing with placing tiles, I’d be happy to take a look.

There isn’t a way to show a label directly on a Media Tile at the moment, but I’ve added it to the list. :smiley:

Label tiles are available in the current beta which are basically tiles that allow you to display any text you’d like. I’ve added you to the Beta group, so you should be able to see the Beta category now.

I’ll try to record something on Friday. In Chrome it was doing some checker box effect.

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@Bob_Ciolino just wanted to provide an update that the latest beta includes support for displaying labels on Media Tiles. :smiley:

I’ll start working with the beta to help out.

I) I mention on the community board about making tiles smaller than 1:1 for example maybe (-2x, -3x etc.)

I believe this will help with the “Look” that people can accomplish.

Depends on the size of peoples devices it could help fill in spaces. I attached a simple dashboard to show what I mean.

Thanks for the screenshot, Bob! I replied to your other community post about adjusting tile size smaller here:

Yes that’s a good workaround but it seems like a lot of work for the end-user to modify every tile instead of modify just a few tiles. (The above example is a simple layout)

In my example the majority of my tiles are 160px a few I enlarged and a few I would need to make the height 1/2 size. (-2x). it seems quicker for the end-user to just modify only the few tiles they would like the dimensions larger or smaller.

Many Thanks,

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The option to add a label to Media Tiles is now available for everyone in the latest SharpTools.io update. You can find more details in the following topic:

Fan Tiles, Battery Tiles, Label Tiles, and More!

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Loving the latest upgrades.

  1. Still would like to have the option on enlarging media “labels”.
  2. Also in Media tiles it would be nice to enlarge within a tile besides Cover, Contain and Fill.

After working with upgrades I still feel the biggest issue I have is with the tiles moving around to much.
It is very frustrating getting the tiles where you want them, then if you wanted to insert a tile the whole layout will change.
I’ll insert 1 tile in the middle somewhere then spent 10 minutes moving the tiles around to getting it back to the look I had.

  1. Why couldn’t there be a option to turn off “Auto positioning” or be able to lock and unlock individual tiles in place?


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Thanks for the feedback and glad to hear that you’re enjoying the latest updates.

Regarding the positioning of tiles, we’ve heard this feedback from a few other users as well and are looking at how we can make improvements.

In an ideal world, how would you want it to work if you wanted to insert a tile in the middle of an existing dashboard?

So in a perfect world I would turn off “Auto position” then "Click or multi-Click a group of tiles to move them into position. You could have “auto aliment or snap in place to create the grid look” active

At times the Auto Positioning would be useful but when your file tuning a dashboard it would be useful to turn it off.

Maybe others have a better Idea. I do have a video screen capture of what I was thinking.



here is a link to videos:

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Thanks for putting together the videos!

In the linked ‘issue video’, it looked like you were effectively trying to replace a tile. When the ‘new’ tile was moved up, the other tiles moved up-down to make room for it. It seems like the problem started when the ‘old’ tile was removed and the reflow was triggered causing your carefully laid out ‘rows’ to get scrambled (perhaps the reflow shouldn’t be triggered when deleting a tile)… as a workaround, you can move the ‘old’ tile to be the last tile at the bottom before deleting to avoid the reflow.

The other thing that could help is the addition of sort of native tile grouping feature. It looks like you have your tiles grouped in rows, so if each of these was their own group, then you could more easily move the groups around and place tiles in groups above/below each row.


Hello Josh… wondering if perhaps having an option to ‘anchor’ a tile to another one would help so that if ‘follows’ its anchor? For example, I’ve created a dashboard using several ‘Label’ tiles (1x2 size) to section off a room/area and a number of smaller tiles for devices within that room/area. Whenever I add/delete tiles from each ‘section’, it’d be really nice for the remaining or new tiles to stay together within their ‘section’.

I realize that once we are done designing a dashboard they hardly change, so this is not by any means an urgent thing, but just a nice to have.

Thanks for all your work/help on everything else! Very happy with Sharptools!!!

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