Countdown Timer Tile

Is there a way to add a countdown timer time? I have well water and change my filter every 90 days if not earlier.

I would like to have a time named filter change and have it countdown from 90 days to 0.


Not directly, though I’ve heard a similar request at least one other time. I like the idea and the example use case though! I’ve added your feedback to the item that we have in the tracker.

The more people that express interest in it, the easier it is to bump it up the priority list, so if anyone else is interested in this, please comment or add your likes to Devin’s post!

This sounds like a great enhancement to my Timer Driver for Hubitat. It still needs more work, to not overload the sharptools API servers, but if you are on SmartThings, feel free to modify it, or if you are Hubitat, feel free to use this. Updates are being applied daily as I work out the final changes / enhancements.

Timer Device


So I have extended my timer to count down in units of seconds. I am open to display formatting ideas. Presently, I only report in hours:minuts:seconds format with the hour component being optional. And this won’t do days, but I am looking to expand out to show months, and days. I just need to come up with some rendering standards for how to present the time remaining. obviously, we don’t want per-minute or per-second updates if there are days remaining, and there is only so much space on a HERO tile, so I am trying to think of a format that might look good.

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Nice work on the driver! I took it for a spin and the formatting is a nice touch.

For larger units of time, it probably makes send to reduce the precision of the value displayed.

For example, you wouldn’t need to display: 90 days, 13 hours, 9 minutes, 10 seconds… you could just display 90 days. Or are you thinking that some people would want to show the rounded number of months (eg. 3 months)?

Edit: I would also note that Hero Attributes have support for multi-line displays, though this type of formatting is not particularly common as most attributes display concise single values.

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I am trying really hard to not deviate from standards. I was thinking along the lines of what you are proposing. And when down to hours, then changing to a time format.

3 months
2 months 10 days
1 month 7 days
29 days
2 days 13 hours
1 day 7 hours
12:50 h
1:15 h
45:00 m
40:00 m
10:00 m
01:00 m
00:45 m
00:30 m
00:10 m
00:09 m
00:08 m


Hi Josh, so building on Armand’s timer, it’d be really useful to have a tile that would allow users to set the ‘timer’ by tapping on the tile and being presented with a wheel to set the time (hours/minutes). I can them leverage the push event when the timer expires.

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add me to the list of people interested in this. being able to set a countdown for days/weeks/months and one for hours/minutes would be very useful.

Thinking like: “90 days till Christmas!”

or quickly set a timer for something in a few hours, though in that case I’d probably be more likely to use Alexa, Siri or manually set a timer on my phone

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Thanks for expressing your interest!

For those of you just looking for a countdown (with no action triggered at the end), one workaround is to use the SharpTools Media Tile along with a countdown image.

For example, the following site has some neat countdown images for various holidays:


Thanks for this timer. It works like a charm on Sharptools, but like you said, a wee bit complicated to set the various values, start, stop etc from RM. But other than that, does exactly what I want!

Question: Do you know about Hubitat Package Manager? If not, you may want to get this app in there.


I do, and all my apps are in there. I have this timer, a Roku tv connect solution, and a custom Hue bridge integration tool

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