[Wiki] Good Sites for Custom Tile URL

Did you know that websites and content can be embedded in your SharpTools dashboards using the new Custom Tile feature? You can embed sites by either using the native ‘Custom URL’ option or the ‘Refreshable URL Embed’ custom tile linked below.

This is a community maintained wiki, so be sure to edit the post and add your favorite sites or content to the list!

Weather / Wind by Windy.com

URL: https://windy.com (see notes below!)
Description: customizable widget for weather, wind and more

Notes: Tap the ≡ in the top-left and select Embed Widget on Page



URL: https://www.clocktab.com/
Description: customizable clock display

Notes: Select Clock Tab at top, customize and copy the Share Link to be used in the Custom Tile URL.


Count Down (by ClockTab)

URL: https://www.clocktab.com/countdown
Description: customizable count down display

Notes: Select Countdown at top, customize and copy the Share Link to be used in the Custom Tile URL


Covid-19 Visualizations

URL: Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Domo
Description: different widgets for COVID19 cases and vaccination status

Cryptocurrency Tracking

URL: https://coinlib.io/widgets
Description: crypto currency widgets

Notes: Customize your widget accordingly, then copy the url from the <iframe> tag in the Code section


Hi, this is great functionality added! I added a custom tile with the windy site and it looks great, but it does not refresh. I tried adding the same URL to a media tile, which has refresh rates - but that did not work. Is there a way to get the windy site to work on a tile that will refresh?

You could use a Custom Tile to add the periodic refreshing capability (though I’m surprised the Windy site doesn’t automatically refresh its own content periodically).

Here’s a Refreshable URL Embed custom tile I just put together:


Import the tile using the link above, then scroll down and press Save. Then go to your Dashboard → Edit → Add Tile → Other → Custom Tile → Refreshable URL Embed. Once you’ve added the tile, edit it and configure the URL and optionally a refresh interval (in minutes).

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Thanks for this Josh. I did some experimenting, and when I left the page up on my windows PC since this morning, it displayed the time updated on my windy tile. It looks like it may have to do with the Fully Browser on the fire tablet, as it has been since this morning when I refreshed there, and it still shows 7AM-9AM. I’ll look at some setting there.

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Thanks for the update. Was that using the Refreshable URL Embed custom tile I linked immediately above or a normal URL Custom Tile?

That is using the URL Custom tile, have not had a chance to try the other option yet.


is there any parameters that can be changed to scale down the size the content of the iframe?

Not with the standard URL custom tile.

With a bit of developer skills, you might be able to use CSS within a custom HTML tile. In particular, I’m thinking you might be able to use a scale transform on an embedded iframe.