Combining Two Dashboard

I have built 2 fairly satisfactory dashboards over time. Now, my web GUI have extra real estate and I would like to combine 2 dashboards into one, is there a way to merge my other dashboard into existing dashboard? Can Sharptools support IFtame? If IFtame is possible, then it will be save me so much time. Rebuilding and customizing would take too much time.

You can do it manually. When editing a dashboard, you can tap the ... in the top-right corner of a tile and select the Copy option. You’ll be presented with a list of dashboards that you can copy a tile to. When copied, the tile will retain all of the customizations you’ve applied in the Tile Editor. This would need to be repeated for each tile.

Yes, you can use the URL option in Custom Tiles to embed another page using an iframe. There’s also a Refreshable iframe custom tile available to import. In general we do not recommend embedding dashboards within dashboards using iframes as it effectively runs the ‘app’ twice.

Got it! Ok. It works! Thanks! I will try copy and play little bit with IFrame. The “Refreshable” is an interesting one. Any good examples that I can play with the “Refreshable” option?

The ‘Refreshable’ version was put together in response to someone whose weather page didn’t automatically refresh, so that custom tile adds the ability to periodically refresh the embedded page.

The main reason I mentioned it is the ‘Refreshable’ version is convenient in that you can add one or more copies of it to a dashboard and then configure which URL you want within the tile settings for each particular tile. The normal URL Custom Tile on the other hand requires you to define which website you want embedded in advance – and as you add one or more copies of that it’s always pointing to the same website.