Countdown Timer Tile

What are the size settings you used for the family trip tile both in Sharptools and on the I either get a huge tile with tiny font are giant font that doesn’t fit in the tile.

@Terri I have the tile set to 1 (height) x 2 (width) and the dashboard is using scalable with 6 columns in the dashboard settings. See below for the settings from

I love the countdown timer but cant seem to get it to show up on my tile. Any tips ? Thanks

@Jake_Muller, can you share more details about your setup and maybe a screenshot so we can better understand the issue and help?

@Jake_Muller, thanks for the screenshots. You will need to use the Custom Tile - URL type to display the content from, instead of Media Tile. See screenshot below for how to access Developer Tools and create the custom tile.

And your can find more Custom Tile - URL integrations in the post below:

I’ve also reset your trial period, so you can play with the custom tiles in your dashboards, and feel free to send an email to if you have any questions.

Count Down or Up Custom Tile. Click link, save custom tile. Add thing to dashboard, Edit tile settings.

Count Up or Down Timer, advanced