Dashboard Timer

I have done a bit of digging and ive been looking for the possibility to have a timer on the home screen that would act as a trigger for a rule, perhaps flash lights, make a sound. This oculd be used for cooking reminders etc.
I am aware that you could make a rule for 60 second timer etc but I would prefer to have the ability to input any amount of econds for the timer from the dashboard itself!

Otherwise, keep up the good work!


Great idea - thanks for the suggestion!

Which platform do you have connected (eg. Hubitat or SmartThings)? There are some ways you could probably achieve this with virtual devices.

I also think this is a good Idea…any new news?

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Are you using SmartThings or Hubitat?

@Armand_Welsh put together a cool timer driver for Hubitat. If I understand correctly, he sets the time on the device and then starts it counting down. He then has a rule setup that when the countdown completes, it can run whatever actions he wants.

Hey Josh, thanks for the reply! I currently using SmartThings. I will have to check this out. Thank you for your time!

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Thanks for the mention. This is basically what the timer does. It is not as efficient as I would like. I still need to update it to use a schedule for the timedOut() event, and the interval timers just for status updates with improved logic. But for HE it does not seem to impact the system at all. I also do not allow the timer to send out too aggressive of status updates, as we don’t want to ramp up our API calls to sharptools just for a timer… So I use a graduated timer scale to minimize updates. Again – I need to finalize it, but feel free to play with it.

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