Multiline Hero Attribute and Sorted List

Today’s release brings with it support for multiple lines in Hero Attribute tiles and sorted lists throughout the app!

Multiline Hero Attribute Tiles

This release includes a ‘Text Overflow’ option on the Hero Attribute layout to allow changing between Truncate (default) or Wrap. This enables the type of multi line content noted in this thread: Hero Tiles - Keep Text from Truncating

This opens up some interesting possibilities when used with with rules that set custom attributes on a device. For example, showing a summarized status:


Or being able to display long bits of text like Track Descriptions from a music player:

Sorted Lists

Lists throughout the app are now sorted alphabetically. This should include all the lists throughout the app including the Dashboard list, Rule List, Resources List, Add Item, etc.

Note for Free Tier Users : We renamed the ‘first’ dashboard in from the previously unsorted list so it stays at the top as your free dashboard. You can always delete other dashboards if you want to change which dashboard is your free dashboard.

Other Enhancements

  • Improved wording of Rule Trigger operators to better reflect that the rule is triggered by an event / state change (eg. ‘is’ → ‘changes to’)
  • Only display less than / greater than operators in Rules if the attribute is a number
  • Other bug fixes and enhancements
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How do you set custom attributes? Is that done in the underlying system or your rule engine?

You can either do it in the underlying system, our Rule Engine, or a third party rule engine.

For example, in the linked thread, the first person is using WebCoRE to set custom attributes in SmartThings. And the second person is using Hubitat with either the built-in Hubitat Rule Machine or SharpTools Rule Engine.

Hero Tiles - Keep Text from Truncating

Hi, how do I display more than two attributes on a single hero tile?

The Hero Attribute tile can display two user selected attributes:

  • Primary attribute - displayed as the main (center) content of the tile
  • Secondary attribute - displayed in the footer of the tile

The feature noted in this thread is the ability to display multi-line attributes. (eg. a single attribute which reports a single value with multiple lines of text).

Some people have used this with WebCoRE (or custom device handlers) to write custom attributes which have multiple lines of text - sometimes aggregating multiple attributes together. In the Hubitat community, Rule Machine is popular for these type of aggregations.

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Thank you for the quick response, Josh… any plans for creating tiles that could diplay more attributes like weather tiles do? Just recently added app/driver for a Tesla in HE and it would be really cool to display multiple attributes (battery life, range, location, etc) in one single tile instead of having to create multiple ones. There are other drivers that expose multiple attributes like muliti-function motions sensors (motion, temp, illuminance, humidity, etc) which could also use a multi-attribute hero tile! I’ll browse around in HE community for attribute aggregation in the meantime.

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We’ve toyed with the concept of a Super Tile that would allow you to bring together attributes from one or more devices in a single tile. It’s just a concept at this point and there’s some challenges that would need to be worked out… but I guess the short answer is we are thinking about it, but don’t have any concrete plans at the moment. :smiley:

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Thanks again, Josh. Another question on tile icons: How do I get a motion tile to show two different icons based on motion much like the garage tile where it changes based on state?

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We don’t currently support specifying an icon per state for the Motion tile, but it’s on our hit list.

Cool… eagerly waiting for the upgrade!!!


  • 1 for Super Tile feature.
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Josh, was there ever any movement on a tile that would display reading from multiple sensors?
I would like to employ a tile that has 4 different thermostat readings on it.


We didn’t receive much interest in it, so we’ve focused on other highly requested features.

There’s probably a few different ways you could accomplish this… a few that come to mind:

  • Use a Custom Tile to read data from the Hubitat/SmartThings API and display in a custom tile – requires some HTML / JS skills, but gives you most control over the layout
  • Use a custom variable or custom device driver along with a rule to aggregate data

Edit: You can always create your own feature request as well!

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Josh, thanks and roger that.
I will look at making a custom tile and if I am not successful I will put up a Feature Request for one.
Thanks again