Option to map Dimmers / Range Control to custom command (Window Shades)


i’m using Hero tile for window shade (switch level), primary attribute is used for shade level and secondary for slats position. Now it will be perfect if you can support assigning command to the attribute, e.g. assign set level command to the level attribute and set slats position to the slats attribute.

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting! Am I understanding correctly that this is used with something like horizontal blinds that can raise/lower as well as change the tilt level of the slats?

Would you mind sharing a link to the driver / device handler if it’s a community developed integration? I’d love to take a look at the driver/handler to better understand the use case.

Thank you for warm welcome. Yes, that is the case, blinds with tilting slats. :slight_smile:

See below link for official device handler. I’m using customized version with implemented switch capability.

or this one

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@josh do you see any option for this capability to be added in the future?

It’s an interesting proposition and I can definitely see the value in certain situations like this. Community feedback is a key part of how we prioritize what we work on, so creating your post is a good first step. The more people that voice an interest in specific features, the more likely they are to get prioritized.

I’ve gone ahead and split this discussion out of the Multiline Hero Attribute and Sorted List thread and into it’s own topic to give it a bit more visibility as well. (Feel free to rename the topic title if you don’t like my summary) :wink:

Alternative Approach: Child Devices

In the meantime, a common workaround for other device types which either have multiple on/off states or multiple controllable levels is to use child devices.

Often times, the core control is all possible on the main ‘parent’ device using custom commands (like the setSlatLevel() command in the device you linked to.

Then the ‘parent’ device might also have child devices for convenience. For example, a ‘Slat’ child device that offers a standard setLevel() command under the Switch Level capability so that it can be used in other apps like SharpTools which implement things against the capability standards that SmartThings has defined. (This also opens up functionality with a bunch of built-in SmartThings apps as well)

For example, my custom Wink Relay device handler… the device has two relays built-into it meaning it can control two different loads. Using an on/off command on the parent device will cause both relays to turn on or off. The parent device also has custom relay1On() and relay2On() style commands for controlling each relay. It also has a child device for each relay… so you can directly use standard on/off commands on each individual relay making it easier to use in various SmartApps (including built-in ones like Smart Lighting and the Custom Automation builder).

Perhaps you could suggest this to one of the DTH developers to see if it’s something they would consider adding? Or if you’re up to it, you could perhaps contribute the modifications. :smiley:

Thnx for forking this into a new thread, hope it gets some community support. :slight_smile:

An alternative approach could work; unfortunately, we have 12 windows shades in our house, and this will duplicate the number of tiles and clutter the dashboard. Nevertheless, I will try this approach for the most important windows. :crossed_fingers:

You mentioned that roadmap is influenced by the community, I was wondering if the current roadmap publicly accessible?