Hyperlink Action Added to Several Tiles

We’re excited to announce the next SharpTools release which expands the availability of the Hyperlink action to wide assortment of tiles that were previously view-only. This enables all sorts of neat things like opening apps, running rules, and opening traditional hyperlinks.

As part of this enhancement, we also introduced a ‘Do Nothing’ option for the existing tiles which already supported the hyperlink action (eg. Media and Variable Tiles). This is effectively another way of making these tiles read only.

As of this release, the following tiles support the Hyperlink Action:

  • Monthly Calendar Tile
  • Weather Tile
  • Hero Attribute Tile
  • Clock Tile
  • Date Tile
  • Day of Week Tile
  • Media Tile
  • Variable Tiles
    • String Variable Tile
    • Number Variable Tile
    • True/False Variable Tile

:bulb: Did you know that the special Hyperlink Syntax is supported in the hyperlink action? This enables you to do cool things like run SharpTools Rules, make API calls, or run external rules (WebCoRE, IFTTT).

Other Improvements

  • Support for OpenWeatherMap icon codes in the weather tile (reference)
    (eg. Hubitat OpenWeatherMap built-in driver)

Thats a great and cool improvement ! Congratulations, Now in family dashboards a Weather Forecast one is open from Weather Tile in the main one, but I noticed that secondary dashboard is always opened at its bottom view, is there a way to set that when its opened opens at its top ?

Thanks !

Opens at this:

How can be opened like this?:


Are there plans to add it to a “thing?” It may not sound practical, but I’ll give you my use case.

In order to fit the most appropriate tiles on my main dashboards, I have all my doors linked to a virtual door that shows open when any of the doors are open, and closed when they’re all closed. Same for windows. The way I have it set up right now, I have them each (doors and windows) set as a switch tile, with an open door or window and a red background when one is open, and a closed door or window and green background when they’re all closed. As far as I know you can’t do that with a hero tile (open vs. closed door/window), otherwise I’d just use them as hero tiles and use the hyperlink option.

Anyway, what I’d like to be able to do is click the door or window tile and have it take me to another dashboard where I could see which door or window was open.

If there’s a better way to do this, I’m all ears :slight_smile: