Hyperlink Action for Weather, Calendar, and Hero Attribute Tiles

That’s reasonable - the feature request title and description needs to be scoped accordingly though.

We’ve found that generic feature requests are too open to interpretation, so we prefer multiple narrowly scoped requests over a single broad request.

  • "All tiles clickable" is easy to interpret with very broad strokes to fit lots of different use cases in it
  • "Add Hyperlink Action to Weather Tiles" is perhaps too specific considering your updated use case to include other Thing Tiles

I’m happy to adjust the topic title, but I’d like to narrow down what the target is. Otherwise we usually pull generic or broadly scoped requests out of the Feature Requests section until we can get scope clarified.

My apologies, it’s likely just a case of you being more familiar with what you’re looking for than I am at writing these things. Thinking about it more in light of this, can you change the title to “Add hyperlink override field for all tile’s click action”. I can also beef up the description if you want. Thank you for assisting me, as a premium customer I just want to help improve the tool by expressing what I would find most helpful.

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Thank YOU for the feedback!

We’re learning how to improve how we gather feedback, so I appreciate you being understanding! I updated the Feature Request submission guidelines with another bullet point on preferring multiple narrowly scoped requests over a single broad one.

A key philosophy we have in mind while designing things is to keep things “Simple, but powerful”. Sometimes this means hiding certain customizations away behind ‘Advanced’ toggles or in some cases including them in certain ‘power user’ parts of the app. Adding the ability to customize every feature of every tile would certainly make things more customizable, but at the tradeoff of ease of use.

That’s part of the reason we put such a focus on including actual use cases and specific problems you are trying to solve. There’s lots of new knobs and levers we could add, but we’re much more interested in understanding the underlying use cases.

From what I’ve heard from this post and other user messages, it sounds like the core use cases would be covered by adding a Hyperlink Action to the following tiles:

  • Weather Tiles
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Hero Attribute Tile

It might not be perfect with the Hero Attribute tile, but I think it’s a great start and the Hero Attribute tile itself could be improved. For example, the Color State Mapping for Custom Attributes request which has a decent number of votes should really help.

What are your thoughts?

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Weather and Hero Attribute would cover the things I need.

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Well, I don’t think those three include the ‘Contact Sensor Tile’, as in my last example. It’s great that they show the open/closed status, but for example my detached garage’s door currently says open, which gave me a bit of a scare as it shouldn’t be open, so I could either run outside and check, or I would love to be able to click on the tile to link to some form of independent confirmation ,whether that be an rtsp stream as mentioned, or even some webhook link that performs a custom action based on other sensors. In the ‘Tile Editor’ menu, in the same way you allow the label, dimensions, icon, etc… to be edited, why not just have ‘Click action’ as an option with a text input, exactly as the media tiles work? A little more feedback, setting this up at all takes a decent base level of knowledge about smart home platforms, app intents, and other somewhat technical concepts such that I think erring on the side of more functionality wouldn’t overwhelm the user base considering the skill level required to use the product at all. Just my two cents, fantastic product otherwise.

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The Hero Attribute Tile can be configured to display any attribute from any Thing. A common use case is to display Open/Closed status from Contact Sensors.

And the State Mapping Feature Request noted above would enable customization of the icon and color based on the ‘state’ of the contact sensor.

So add that plus Hyperlink and you have a tile that can display contact sensors (or any Thing attributes along with custom icons) and could be configured with a Click Action to open a hyperlink.

Ah ok I do see that now, thank you. Then yes, this would suffice. Thanks again for the dialog, I hope to see this improvement in the tool.

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So could you change the title to: “Add click action override field to Tile’s Editor menu”? Or something you prefer more based on our discussion?

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I updated the title and added a note to the first post. I think you should still have access to edit the title (and post) if you feel that the updates don’t reflect what you were looking for. :smiley:

Looks good to me, thanks again!

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Same here. Weather most wanted.


@Chris_C Make sure to vote for this feature suggestion!

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@Stan_Silverman Make sure to vote for this feature suggestion!

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I think clickable action could be great in Hero Attribute Tile for any kind of tile, for example I had think about tapping on tile that is associated to a virtual switch to open a detailed dashboard, for examples:

  • Tile is On when at least one light from a lights group (garden b.e.) is on, when I tap it then open a secondary dashboard displaying all lights group, then check which lights are on/off.

  • Tile is On when at least one door is opened from a doors group, when I tap it then open a secondary dashboard displaying all doors in the group, then check which one is opened/closed

  • Same for doors, windows, locks, batteries status report, etc

  • Weather tile take it to a detailed weather dashboard could be cool too…

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Thanks for the examples. For the first three, one approach is to use a SharpTools variable for aggregating status as the Variable Tiles have Hyperlink click actions.

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+1 for adding clickable actions to more tiles, and to Hero Attribute tiles in particular.

I find the Hero tiles useful to display just the values I need from Things that have multiple available attributes - e.g. my Evohome thermostats, Weather Tile, etc.

However, these obviously become inactive tiles on the dashboard, so it would be great to be able to interact with them, e.g. click on a thermostat Hero tile to open the Evohome app, or to switch the view to a different dashboard where I can have an expanded set of heating-related tiles.

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Yes agree we need to be able to click things like weather! It’s messy to have a pretty weather tile and then also have another tile to click to open weather maps.

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Here’s my take: the number of things we can fit on conventional tablet dashboards is a bit limited. It’d be better for me to have some sort of superficial data (e.g. outside temperature) that you can link to a weather dash; calendar to individual calendar dash; inside temperature to thermostat, etc. Add hyperlink ability to everything :slight_smile:

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I just realized that I forgot to update this thread that we released a SharpTools.io platform update ~10 days ago that includes Hyperlink Actions in a number of additional tiles. You can find more details in the following thread:

:link: Hyperlink Action Added to Several Tiles

I’m going to close this thread out now, so it will return your votes. Feel free to take a look at the list of feature requests and cast your vote somewhere else now. :slight_smile: