Wyze Cam Integration


So got motion eye installed and working on the one hardwired in the media cabinet. So in order to get motioneye i have to flash the camera os… that mean i will lose the app remote view and free cloud storage totally? Sorry for all the dumb questions.


the short answer is yes.

You can still remote into the Pi on YOUR network, and I suppose if you wanted to you could set up the port forwards for out of network to log in. But the Pi will ONLY deal with your cameras. You wont use it for anything else. The Pi simply wont have the power to handle the camera’s put an OS.

What I want to try doing is seeing If I can find an app for it and swarm the Rpi’s for some extra juice. Im not entirely sure it works that way, but will be a fun project

if you want to try run it as a container, you can try: https://pimylifeup.com/raspberry-pi-webcam-server/
however I think you are going to come short due to the limited power on the Pi.