Wyze Cam Integration


Anyone have a good source for Wyze Cam integration into the dashboard and Rule Engine?


For the dashboard, you can use TinyCam as a ‘bridge’ to get the video/snapshots into the SharpTools.io dashboard:

How would you like to use the camera in the Rule Engine? I did a bit of quick searching and it doesn’t look like they have an official API (although they do have IFTTT integration)


Ty sir appreciate ya as always


Basically use the rule engine just like IFTTT, activate / turn on off motion


Humm appears Tiinycam does not have an ios app… bummer have to keep looking around


Some people run TinyCam on their tablets or even TV boxes like the NVIDIA Shield TV.

For example, some people run TinyCam on the same Fire Tablet that they use for their dashboards. I’ve found the fire tablets to be a bit underpowered, so I prefer not to have too much going on them all at once, but it’s an option!


Also, it wouldn’t hurt to reach out to Wyze and let them know you want (1) direct access to the video streams on your local network and (2) API access for other platforms to integrate with them.

The more voices they hear, the more likely they are to prioritize it!


realized i could use my fire tablet after i posted lol


It eats up a lot of resources on fire tablet. I’ve got 3 Wyzecams set up feeding Sharptools. Works. But eats up resources like crazy.


If you have an Rpi lying around you can also setup MotionOS on it and use it as the server. Its far more reliable than TinyCam which Ive found often kills the resources on your tablet - DEFINITELY dont use this on a fire7/8. they just dont have the processing power/ram. Works ok on lenovo Tab 4 8". There are also issues with the fact that each one can only push 3 camera feeds and to a max of 3 devices before it bombs the server. So its not going to work for you if you are broadcasting to a tab in each room in your house.

Any Plans On Expanding Functionality?

thanks for the heads up from everyone. Ill keep looking for the best option.


I forgot to mention that there is also a firmware for the camera called OpenIPC which enables an RTSP stream on the camera - you can then pipe that into your NVR of choice (Blue Iris, etc).


Picked up a few used Raspberry Pi 2’s, gonna see what i can do with those to get the tiles going , maybe add a video server…


Doing exactly that with a RPi 3b. Ive specifically put MotionOS on it though to deal with the streams. Working like a dream, and the best part is it leaves my tablets free rather than having the resources chewed by tinycam


Awesome!, Exactly what i was hoping to hear. I welcome any and all help / advice as this is my 1st time even looking at a Rpi . Have two both fresh and updated installs. Have one in the “media cabinet” in the closet that i RDP or VNC into and one on connected to the TV that i can RDP / VMC to and put on TV that i plan on using for MotionOS, any advice on getting that installed / setup? Sorry if this is too much to ask… A lot of this is new to me.


MotionOS is actually VERY simple. But remember that it is its OWN operating system. So once its setup no need to really have it plugging into a screen. MotionOS will basically consume all the resources it has, so you wont want to use it for anything else anyways! The install for it is really simple though.
Literally just fash the SD, copy the OS on and youre set. I do strongly suggest that you use a cable connection for the cameras and not the wifi though. The wifi on the RPi’s isnt great and you will get lag. Also if you are going to push them to a tile, remember to lower the resolution and quality. Ive found 320x240 @ 50% works well for a tile. Unless you are going to make them HUGE!

The other one sitting in the media cupboard? is that more just to “wake” the TV?


Awesome, thanks! actually the on connected to the TV Via HDMI i was thinking of running Mition OS from but it makes more sense to have the one in the media cabinet run motioneye os since its directly connected to the router via Cat6 cable, im assuming if i flash the card with Motion eye OS ill be able to remotely view / access it?


100%, maybe plug in the screen initially just for the setup. But once its running no need to have it plugged in.

Whats your intention for the 2nd RPi? Kodi?


LOL no idea… use Kodi on my firestick… maybe just to have sharptools dashboard on the TV when i want lol got them both, bith with heatsinks, 1 8 GB sd card one usb wifi, both in cases for $20 from a co-worker


hehe thats the best part about them… dirt cheap and they get the job done. I can see by the end of the year Im going to have an array of them set up