Display Wyze Cam on Dashboard through Blue Iris

I am sure many of you have got the Wyze cam and tried the RTSP firmware. I was able to flash my Wyze cam (v2) with Wyze’s beta RTSP firmware and get the connection working in Blue Iris pretty quickly but soon ran into the connection dropping issue between Wzye cam and Blue Iris. It appeared the RTSP connection was forced closed after several hours, and I had to go back to Wyze app to regenerate the RTSP link so Blue Iris can connect again.

After some testings, I was able to get stable connection into Blue Iris and displayed in my dashboard, and hope my settings can help those who have run into the same problem.

Wyze V2 firmware version:
Blue Iris version: v4.8.4.3

Here are the steps how I setup my Wyze and Blue Iris:

  1. Flash Wyze firmware following the instructions here.

  2. Open Wyze app, select the camera, click on the settings gear icon at top and “Advanced Settings”. Go to RTSP section, turn on RTSP and generate the RTSP link by providing the username and password.

  3. In Blue Iris Admin, add new camera. Open camera properties, Video tab, select “Network IP” and click on Configured.

    Change protocol to “http://” (not rtsp), input the camera’s ip address, username and password you set in Wyze app. Select Wyze in Make dropdown, and “V2 with OpenIPC firwamre RTSP” in Model dropdown. Input “/live” in the path field, and make sure you change the RTSP port to “554”. Then “Ok”

    When I tried “rtsp://” as the protocol first, I had the connection dropping issue even though I made sure the “Send RTSP keep-alives” option was checked, and I am not sure why that didn’t work. But changing it to http with Wzye selected in Make field seems to resolve the connection dropping issue.

  4. Back to the Video tab, adjust the frame rate you need, and I pretty much left other settings as default.

  5. Grab the short name from General tab, and go back to SharpTools.io to create a media tile in Resource Management page by using the Blue Iris server’s ip and the short name as the camera url.

  6. Now a stable Wyze live streaming video media tile can be added into the dashboard. :slight_smile:

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Nice work, James! I was really looking forward to the Wyze RTSP firmware, but saw lots of reports of people having stability issues with the RTSP streams after it was released.

Nice to hear that this approach is working well for you - I’ll be giving this a try when I have a chance!

Wyze has released an updated RTSP firmware (beta2), and from the notes it resolved the frame and connection dropping issues. Need to give it a try.

  • Delay: Video from RTSP is more than 4 seconds behind the Live Stream in the Wyze app
  • Frame skip: Video is not smooth and appears to jump every few seconds
  • Connection: Video drops after a while and rebooting (or turning RTSP off and back on) is required to restore the connection.
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What about BI v4, will it work with that? I can’t seem to get it going as there is no Wyze option in the model drop down list

@Ashley_Cooper, v4 should be fine. Mine is v4.8.4.3. What version your BI is? Maybe there were some updates you missed?

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Think I have 4.0.3 and yeah seems to be a bit of a difference, might have to look at upgrading/updating.

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Will this work using the free version of Blue Iris or a paid version is required? Thanks.

Hi @Philippe_Mulot, I don’t think there’s a free version of Blue Iris at least I cannot find in their website. You can either do free trial with Blue Iris or TinyCam which has a free version.

Correction: TinyCam Free version doesn’t support web server to be used in this case.

Thanks James, I already have Tinycam Pro so I should be good.

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Here’s some tips to get you pointed in the right direction with using TinyCam Pro to get your Wyze Cams into your SharpTools dashboard:


Josh, I appreciate your help here. I will definitely try it. Thanks


Hi James,

I have a few small Wyze cubes I’m trying to set up on BI and then my dashboard. Have the latest app and firmware (, but in Advanced I don’t see any RTSP setting?

Has it moved, or was this only for specific cams? I have a few of the small little $20 v2 cubes.



ah…looks like I need to specifically install the RTSP firmware via MicroSD, it’s not stock on the firmware that the camera updates with?

@S_D, that’s correct. The RTSP is only supported via Wyze’s beta RTSP firmware. So you will need to update the firmware by following the instructions below to use RTSP with Blue Iris.

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Okay, interesting, I thought the camera wasn’t working since I was getting a no signal error. But turns out it does work, but intermittently on BI.

On TinycamPro, seems to work fine.


Found the solution for anyone else wondering…see circled item below…