Thoughts on Thermostats?

Looking for some feedback on how to handle various thermostat types… the short version of it is I think there needs to be multiple layouts that you can choose from, but I’d love to hear your thoughts / suggestions.

Standard Thermostat (heat / cool)

In the current design, a thermostat tile is double-width allowing for a variety of information and controls to be displayed as shown in the screenshot below:


Up/Down controls*, icon indicating heat/cool, current setpoint, and smaller details in the action line
(Adjust → modal with more details, Current temperature, Operating State, Setpoint)

Nest/Ecobee (auto / eco)

While this works well for thermostats that explicitly are operating in discrete cooling and heating modes, this doesn’t work well for thermostats which operate in an Auto or Eco mode like Nest, Ecobee, etc.

In fact, there are situations with those thermostats where the dashboard can’t infer the ‘setpoint’ and thus doesn’t know what to display.
For example, the thermostat is in Auto/Eco mode and the current operating state is something unrelated to heating or cooling, then a generic setpoint can’t be inferred from the heating and cooling setpoints alone.

Optional Layout: Double Height

I’m thinking about creating a couple different thermostat layouts and providing the option to change from the default layout to a layout of your choice. My thought is Auto/Eco thermostats might be double wide and double high allowing for the display of both heating and cooling values individually.


I like the double wide / double height option. On a side note, my current thermostat tile shows the snowflake although the thermostat is set to heat mode. In the bottom right corner it does say Heat set to.

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Thanks for the feedback, Ernie!

Regarding the current layout, the icon is static (and the up/down arrows on the main tile are disabled). I’ll be working on these as I work on the new thermostat layouts. :grinning:

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Here’s a sneak preview on some updates to the thermostats (coming soon with the next release).

  • Thermostat quick adjustments are active
  • Thermostats now show icons for modes
  • Nest and Ecobee thermostats get a double-height thermostat tile

Thermostat Quick Adjustments
The quick adjustments for thermostats allow you to quickly adjust the heating or cooling setpoint with quick actions directly from the tiles as well as from the thermostat modal.


The thermostat modal also shows the individual heating and cooling setpoints allowing you to quickly adjust and see the individual setpoints.

Icons for Thermostat Modes
The standard thermostat tile automatically adjusts the displayed icon based on the thermostat mode. Showing a heat, cool, or off icon. (Other modes don’t display an icon)

Ecobee and Nest Thermostats
Ecobee and Nest Thermostats now have a double-height tile that lets to adjust the heating and cooling setpoint directly on the tile (as well as access additional adjustments via the thermostat modal):

Will the double height thermostat also apply to the Honeywell line of Wi-Fi thermostats? They function the same way (at least my 9580 does). I can set it to “auto” and it will turn on the heat or air without user intervention.

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As of right now, I have it hard coded to look for “Nest Thermostat” or “Ecobee” in the device type handler name. Single-height/normal thermostat tiles disable the quick adjustments on the tile itself when they are in “Auto” mode, but you can still adjust things by tapping the “Adjust” link in the bottom left corner of the tile to get the modal I showed in the GIF above.

My goal is to provide a tile editor feature that will let you select which layout to use, but I don’t know that I’ll be able to get that in the next release.


Yesterday’s release includes the ability to manually change the thermostat tile layout:

Thanks Josh. I am going to try and make some time to play with it this weekend!

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I have 2 thermostats. 1 is honeywell and its working as intended.
I also have a CT110 thermostat zwave connected into ST. ST is reporting correct temp as is the physical device. SharpTools is showing 1 degree on target temp. It is showing correct current Temp.

What could be the issue? Maybe its not SharpT but it is accurate everywhere else. Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you

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Just to make sure I understand, are you saying the target temperature for this particular device is showing a value of 1?

In ST its set to 74 degrees. See

but in SharpTools its image

It is reading correct current temp but the set temp is different, off by 1 degree

Ah, thanks for the clarification. Let me double check the display logic and subscription logic… if I remember correctly, the single height thermostat card is actually looking for the thermostatSetpoint attribute which thermostats are supposed to implement, but some don’t. The value you’ve circled is the coolingSetpoint.

Edit: Thanks for reaching out via PM - glad to hear that things are working as expected now. As noted via PM, the healthcheck runs each time you open a dashboard or save a dashboard and it should get all the subscriptions and data in sync. If you have trouble again, please let me know. :smiley:

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Any way to add the internal humidity % in the tile using the Nest thermostat?
maybe in the Double size setting add an option to just set the eco mode or away/home mode?

You want the humidity displayed on the double-height thermostat? I should be able to do that - I’ll just make it conditionally display if a humidity value is available. I’ll probably just add a second row in the bottom-right of the tile. Kind of like how the new (unannounced, but just released) SmartWeather tile has multiple rows in the secondary-data space:


And I’m working on Hero Attribute tiles, so if you want the humidity displayed in a larger font, the Hero Attribute tile would work well for that.

I noticed the SmartWeather and I’m liking it a lot! Yeah just showing the internal humidity on the nest time (like the SmartWeather tile) would be very cool!

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Any way to make the fake center value of 74• to display the actual current temp in the standard view (which is shown very small on bottom right corner)?

I’m using Honeywell WiFi.

I’m working on building out Hero Attribute tiles that would display a user specified attribute in large font in the center.

If your thermostat is primarily used in Auto mode, you might consider using the Double Height Thermostat layout which displays the cooling setpoint and heating setpoint individually.

The single height thermostat layout shows the cooling setpoint as the main value, but some thermostats report a calculated number or averaged number.

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Cool, I look fwd to being able to have the current temp shown in the center of the single view. Even tho I keep it on auto.


@Adrian_C we just pushed the Hero Attribute Tiles live with the latest platform release: Dashboard Themes and Hero Attribute Tiles


Did the tile showing as active or inactive make this update? Meaning. Grey when idle and blue when cooling or red when heating?
Just curious. Haven’t made any changes yet.

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