Tile Editor + Improved Media Tile

I’m excited to announce another great release to SharpTools.io - today’s release includes improved tile editing features like the ability to change which Thermostat layout is being used and the ability to adjust the size of standard thing tiles.



  • Tile Editor
    • Ability to adjust which layout thermostat tiles use
    • Ability to adjust the dimensions of standard thing tiles (in addition to media tiles)
  • Improved media tiles
    • Prevents flicker on Blue Iris images when they refresh
  • Enhancements / Bug fixes
    • Fallback profile image for non Google accounts
    • Login / logout from within the user page is fixed
    • Manage Dashboard items link to the edit modal (rather than just the pencil icon)
    • Toggleable tiles can now be clicked (eg. switches, locks, etc)
    • Other fixes and tweaks
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The dashboard is looking better all the time. I have never seen the need to have one but may have to set-up a wall mounted “command center” just for the cool factor. Could you use the dashboard to disable SHM by entering a pin? Just a thought instead of using an IRIS keypad.

Yes! I’d like to get SHM, Modes, and Routines in. I need to think through how to handle PINs. Doing it client side would be quick and easy, but I’d need to think through the security aspects of it. Alternatively I could think through an extensible way to do this server side as I’d like it to apply to Thing tiles as well. I’m thinking some people might want to PIN protect locks or other Things.

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