Thoughts on Thermostats?


Not for thermostats, but it’s on my list. I noticed Music Player Tiles were missing an active state so I added one for them. I’ll get an active/default state for thermostats in an upcoming release.

I need to think through red/blue for heating/cooling states and which option would win. With this release, custom color directly on a tile wins out over the dashboard coloring. But if I add an option to enable red/blue coloring for heating/cooling, I’m not sure if that should override both dashboard level and tile level active coloring… I’m thinking yes, it should since it’s even more specific than just ‘active’.


Can the temperature adjustment increment be made configurable? In Deg C plus or minus 1 degree is a bit too coarse an adjustment to be ideal. I already have virtual switches in my own rules within Hubitat for plus or minus 0.5 Deg C, so use them alongside the stat in Sharptools, but it would be cleaner in the stat increment was configurable.


Sure! I’ll take a look. If I can detect that the device is reporting °C then perhaps I could automatically switch to 0.5° changes. Otherwise I can make it a setting/option. :grinning:


@josh you got the active color working on AC/heat. Was walking past the screen and saw one changed color. So excited.
Nice work Josh!! Thanks.


Yes! I’ll get some release notes out this weekend. There’s also a new option on thermostats to show heat/cool colors (red/blue).

And for anyone who prefers having the thermostat not show an ‘active’ color by default, you can override the color on the thermostat and set the default and active color to the same color.

Edit: And for @Geoff_T there’s also 0.5 degree support when the thermostat values are less than 50° (eg. Celsius)


Here’s a link to the post describing all the new features in today’s release, including the thermostat updates.


Loving the new thermostat settings. By having +/- 0.5 Deg C adjustment and colour change on heat it has saved me 3 other tiles on my dashboard. One thing I did notice with the new release is that tiles I had set to hero attribute for switches now display NaN as the value for the primary attribute of switch. If I switch them back to standard display all works well.


Thanks for the feedback and glad to hear that you are enjoying the updates to the thermostat tiles. And thanks for the heads up on the NaN - I’ll take a look.


The NaN issue on Hero Attributes has been resolved in the latest deployment. Thanks for the report! :slight_smile:


I’ve been playing around with tile sizes on my heating page and noticed a small anomaly. If I choose tiny (120px) which I use for all my other pages, the thermostat tile main display (setpoint) appears too far to the bottom of the tile and partially obscures the secondary information on the bottom line. If I go custom at 130px or above it’s all nicely centralised. There seems to be plenty of space for the text size it just needs the position adjusting slightly.


Thanks for reporting!

Can you post a screenshot? And what resolution device or browser are you viewing this in? Note that the setting sets the baseline tile size, but the tiles may adjust slightly to fill the row completely, so they can end up slightly smaller or slightly larger than the specified tile size.


It’s a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 resolution 1536 x 2048.


Thanks! It looks like it also has to do with the recent addition of the decimal display for Celcius. I’ll take a look and see what I can do. :grin:


I am new to sharptools just got a wiser air thermostat and a ring door bell and more smart home devices that I will like to start adding in the future. I have and old fire table that is not being used and though it will be a cool idea to mounted to the wall to make it a remote basically for all the smart device among other things I came across and it was exactly the idea I had in mind so I sign up but having some trouble with a few things I want to put my wiser thermostat like is being discuss here but I have now idea how was looking around for a tutorial any were but could not find anything. I found a lot of new things that were added to the thermostat widget or applet but not how to set it up anyone can point me in the right detection please?


Is your thermostat added to SmartThings and authorized in If so, when it’s added to your dashboard, it should automatically show up as a thermostat tile if it implements the normal thermostat capabilities.


It’s not supported in SmartThings I could not find it there I found it in IFTTT and is all ready set up there but can I bring it from IFTTT to SharpTools?


It would need to be included as a Thermostat device in a supported hub/platform like SmartThings or Hubitat to get the thermostat tile shown in this thread (and the full capabilities).

Based on a quick search, it seems like the Wiser integration with IFTTT is pretty limited (basically just changing the mode and setting the temperature) but it doesn’t have any triggers so there wouldn’t be any way to know the current status of the thermostat. If that’s enough for you, there are some workarounds for at least triggering specific modes.


O ok. What are the work around to do the modes or set the temperature?


There’s a few options, but one approach would be to create a Virtual Switch in SmartThings and then setup an IFTTT recipe that anytime that switch is activated, it would activate a specific mode on your Thermostat.


Sounds good. Sorry for all the questions am just new at this so trying to understand it more. So so far I have created a virtual switch and on ifttt am setting it up when I get to the “then” I pic the wiser thermostat and what I will like to do if it’s posible make that switch lower or higher the temperature. Is there a way to put some code on the line that is asking me to put a surten temperature so it can go one degree higher or lower every time that button is press? Sorry again am just really new at this.