Thoughts on Thermostats?


IFTTT recipes usually have pretty simple actions. They have a ton of integrations, but you can’t really do a lot of logic in IFTTT. It really depends on what Wiser chose to make available in their integration… you could always ask them to add an increment/decrement option to their IFTTT integration and see what they come back with.


Got it. Thanks for all your help you been really helpful. And this sharptools dashboard is awesome


The panel does not show up in old iPad with iOS 8.4.1 for both safari and chrome.


What model iPad is it? Is the iOS 9.x update available? We’ve tested the dashboards as far back as iOS 9.3.


Mine is an iPad 3. It’s too slow with iOS 9 I downgraded to 8.4.1. It’s still slow but at least it’s useable.


@Geoff_T the Thermostat tiles with Celcius units displayed on Small (120px) and larger tile sizes should all stay on one line now. I have it on my list to go back and tweak this so it better scales for even smaller tile sizes, but wanted to at least get your immediate concern taken care of. :smiley:

This was included in the latest platform release noted in the following thread:


Just checked and it now looks perfect. Thanks Josh.


Has another update happened @josh? My thermostat display seems to have changed again and the main temperature text is lower.


No recent deployments. Have you tried fully refreshing the page? I’ll try to reproduce on the dimensions you listed above when I get back to a test machine tomorrow.


It seems to be back to how it was now, with the flame and temperature on the same line and central vertically. Odd!


Thanks for the update. Let me know if it happens again as I wasn’t able to reproduce when simulating the device resolution.

The reason I was suggesting refreshing the whole page is I was wondering if perhaps something old might have been cached on the device. A full page refresh should pull in all the newest content / style.


I have been playing around with this for house heating and it seems that sometimes I have the quick adjustments on my Thermostat, but other times not. Is this a known bug or am I doing something wrong ? I have seen it once or twice on the thermostats, but then it just dissapears again.

It seems to work with a double-height tile, but not a single one.


On a similar subject, would it be possible to get a heater/radiator icon ? I have seen one that looks vaguely like a radiator, but also like a guy in a hot tub :wink:


Perhaps something more like this would be “better” ?



Based on the screenshot, it looks like some data is missing from the smaller single-height thermostat. The current thermostat mode seems to be missing as normally it would be in the bottom-right corner of the tile immediately to the left of “Idle” in your screenshot.

The quick adjustments are only available in the single-height thermostat if the thermostat mode is set to heat or cool.

Note: You can check the data for your thermostat by:

  1. Open your SharpTools User Page
  2. Tap the ... next to your desired location
  3. Tap the name of your desired thing

The thing page will show all the attributes and their current values (as known by SharpTools).

Regarding the request for a radiator icon, I’ve just added it to the hit-list. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply. You got me on the right track, and indeed my thermostats where set to heat/cool, although I am not sure how or why that happened, I at least know the symptoms now and how to react.

Looking forward to a new icon, in the meantime I will use the man in the hot tub :grinning: