Reolink live feed

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Is it possible to get Reolink (RLC-510A) live feed on media tiles? Or some other way??

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Looks like we’re after the same thing at the same time :slightly_smiling_face:

ReoLink replied to me in an email with the document that I linked.

Hopefully there’s something in there that will help.

@John_Nadeau I used the MJPEG streams from my Reolink cameras in a format similar to the one mentioned in your post, but note that it’s a local HTTP address (not HTTPS). I ended up integrating the camera feeds to Blue Iris and I used that, but I also had a reverse proxy (Caddy2) running in front of it, so I wouldn’t have been impacted by the Mixed Content bug recently introduced in the Chromium project.

The same concept applies though. It seems like most people are either reverting to a version of their preferred Chromium browser from before the 111 update (until Chromium fixes the issue properly) or are installing SSL Certs or using a reverse proxy like Caddy with SSL to work around the issue.

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@Allan_Andersen @josh

Here’s a post to the Blue Iris and Stunnel method - Step-By-Step Guide

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Hey John - just a note that updates regarding the issue on the bug introduced in Chromium 111 that breaks IP Camera images over HTTP are being posted in the mixed Mixed Content thread, so you may whish to follow there too. A recent discovery is that this seems to impact images from IP addresses and there is a workaround with local domain names:

:link: Google Chrome - Mixed Content - Media Not Showing - #9 by josh

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