Next Generation SmartThings Integration

We’re excited to announce our Next Generation SmartThings Integration!

Our legacy SmartThings integration is built on the Groovy platform which SmartThings plans to shut down on September 30th. As such, we’ve been working to build out a next-generation integration that works with the new SmartThings platform!

This next-generation integration is now the default for new users. No special action is needed as you’ll automatically use the new connection. We’re continuing to work on migration tools before offering the new connection to users with existing legacy connections, but you’re welcome to join our beta program where you can use the next-generation connection side-by-side your existing connection.

:information_source: For more details on the SmartThings Groovy changes, check out our SmartThings Groovy Update thread.

For users with a legacy connection, the next generation connection creates a separate ‘location’ and ‘things’ in your SharpTools account, so you can test side-by-side your existing legacy connection. Once the migration tools are available, you should be able to automatically migrate your dashboards and rules that use devices on the legacy connection to the next-gen connection.

If you’re already part of our beta program, you can find more details in the following thread:

:link: [BETA] Samsung SmartThings Next-gen Integration

And if you’re not already part of the beta, send a PM to @support here on the community to request access!

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Looks like the link is dead.

Welcome to the community! Are you referring to this link? You have to be part of the beta program to see beta threads. :slight_smile: