SmartThings Groovy Update

Any idea how this might impact virtual/simulated devices?

That’s not completely clear yet. We’ll have to wait until SmartThings reveals if they will automatically be transitioned from the current Groovy DTHs to Edge drivers. There was just a commit to the SmartThings official Edge driver repo the other day for a virtual switch so some of the community members are hopeful that SmartThings will automatically transition them, but right now there’s no statement from SmartThings.

Worst case, you could manually recreate virtual switches with their Edge driver equivalents.

Edit: There also appears to be some distinction between Virtual Switches created via the Labs SmartApp and via the IDE that may impact if SmartThings can migrate them or not.

Thanks Josh - appreciated

Virtual switches might migrate, but there’s a lot of users using community written DTH that have virtual switch with contact or motion sensor built in (Alexa Switch was a common one). Since there’s no default version of those provided by Samsung, you’ll need to manually migrate them to an Edge device. I’ve found this Edge driver to create virtual devices to work very well.

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So, if I had a Hubitat Hub, is there an app for SharpTools that interfaces between Tasker and Hubitat using SharpTools like the Tasker Plugins do now? Thanks.

No, the Tasker Plugins were only for SmartThings. The platform supports Hubitat and Home Assistant in addition to SmartThings.


I have another question about EDGE drivers, if I install the driver and its author will release an update, will it also update itself for me or do I have to do something?

Edge drivers automatically update. I believe they auto update every 12 hours.

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Hello everyone

So I’m using Trend Setter smartapp on ST to group my devices… With the new SmartThings integration, how can I group devices ? Thnk you

My gut feeling is to wait and see what comes of the Smart Lighting changes SmartThings has planned. SmartThings mentioned that they plan on migrating Smart Lighting to use a SmartApp + Rule API setup so it will continue to work after groovy and said they would include the mirroring functionality. If that’s the case, then I think some of the core features of Trend Setter could be accomplished with that.

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Awesome great to hear. Thank you!

Hi there

I already upgraded sharpytools since 1 fully week, and looks like working fine with no comment…

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I’ve just spent an hour setting up virtual generators, thankfully I had a good look at this thread. I think I’ll wait to see what’s available later instead of doing any more work.

Virtual Switches are available as Edge drivers via the community, but you have to have a SmartThings hub to use them. It’s yet to be seen if SmartThings introduces next generation virtual switches that don’t require a physical hub.

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The migration tools for those of you with existing SmartThings legacy connections attached to your SharpTools account are now available. Please see the following post for more details:

:link: Next Generation SmartThings Integration - #7 by josh


So I used the tool here to migrate. It told me that X number of rules and X number of dashboards cannot be migrated. Now how do I know exactly what will continue to work and what is broken (without having to test every single connection)?

Thanks in advance!

If there are any errors detected, you should see a link next to the Toggle Details link that lets you see what the errors are.


Will check. Thank you!

FYI: I have some SuperTiles that use style states (green when the door is locked, red when unlocked). When I migrated everything went smoothly except these tiles were all the default style. Interestingly, the icons were correct (they’re different if open vs closed) but the colors were default. I checked the settings of those tiles on the dashboards and found that they were all correct. The problem was solved when I clicked the style states button…

And from here just clicked on “lock” and selected the same thing. Then I clicked Done and saved the changes, and the style appears properly.

Hence I’m all set now, but in case anybody else runs across it, it’s an easy fix.

@josh and @James I am amazed at how smooth that migration was. You guys are rock stars!


SmartThings posted a few updates on this topic yesterday:

Including a new thread which documents the device type handlers that have been transitioned (with recent updates in bold):