I can't find the plugin for sharptools

I can’t find the plugin for sharptools for tasker. When I go to the playstore, it can’t be found

Hi Mike! Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.

The Tasker Plugins are being sunset alongside SmartThings Groovy shutdown on September 30th. As such, I’ve removed the Tasker plugins from Google Play.

Some discussion on the sunset of the Tasker Plugins is happening in the following thread (and I plan on sharing some tips on how to use Tasker + HTTP Requests to send device SmartThings device commands in that thread if you’re interested):

:link: Tasker Plugins + Android Widgets Ending

:information_source: The SharpTools.io dashboard and rule engine are already compatible with the next gen SmartThings platform. You can find details on that in the Next Generation SmartThings Connection thread.